Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gel Ball Refills for a Greener Gellyball Experience

Gel balls are the perfect way to play, learn, and have fun while helping protect the planet. We rounded up the best eco-friendly gelly balls for a greener experience.

Deborah Clarke
Aug 23, 2023
13 min read
Outdoors - Recreation and Sports
Gel Ball refills for gellyblasters

Gel balls, also known as gelly balls, or water balls, are a fun and eco-friendly way to enjoy a game of gellyball with gel blasters. And with all the different colors and sizes to choose from, it’s no wonder why they have become so popular over the last few years!

When looking for eco-friendly gelly balls, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

First and foremost, the materials used in production should be biodegradable. Biodegradable means that they will break down naturally in the environment, preventing pollution or other damage to wildlife and ecosystems.

Some will be made of a super absorbent polymer (SVP), which is a non-toxic and non-irritating starch-based material. And, fragments will either disappear with a spray down of water evaporating, melting them away, or they will shrink in several days under sun without water.

Second, look for products made with non-toxic and safe materials. Ensuring that your gelly balls are free from toxins is essential in protecting yourself, your friends and family, as well as the environment.

Next, consider a manufacturer that carefully considers the environmental impact of their manufacturing process, such as using renewable energy sources and minimizing waste.

Finally, always look for products certified by organizations like Green Seal or Energy Star, which guarantee that standards are met in areas such as sustainability and material safety.

How to grow water gel balls?

First of all you need to know that not all gel balls need to be soaked to grow before being added to a gel blaster.

In fact, many gellyballs are now available pre-soaked and ready for use straight out of the package.

However, if you want to make your own water gels at home from scratch, there are a few simple steps that you can take!

Make Your Own Gelly Balls at Home

The first step is to mix a water gel powder with distilled or filtered water. This will create a paste-like substance that will need to be stirred until all of the powder is fully dissolved. The ratio of powder to water should be 1:1, and it’s important not to add too much water as this can cause the balls to become weak and break apart easily.

The next step is to add the mixture into a container or tray that has been lined with damp paper towels. When filling the container, make sure to leave a bit of extra room at the top for the balls to grow and expand. Cover the tray and allow it to sit for 8-12 hours in a cool, dry place.

The challenge if you intend to make your own gelly balls to use in a gel blaster is getting them the right size, consistent right size.

The best way to size the balls is to use a sieving technique. This involves passing the gellyballs through a mesh that has been designated with different sizes of holes. The smaller balls will pass through one hole while the bigger ones are filtered out.

Once you have achieved your desired consistency in size, it’s time to clean them off. Use a soft brush to gently remove any remaining powder from the surface of the gellyballs and then allow them to dry completely before using in your blaster.

Once the balls have grown, they can be removed from the tray and added to your gel blaster gun. They will stay fully hydrated for up to 7 days if stored properly in an airtight container. And, with proper care and maintenance, your homemade water gels should last indefinitely!

By taking the time to make sure that you are using eco-friendly, non-toxic water gel balls, you can enjoy a greener gellyball experience for years to come! With just a few simple steps you can be on your way to growing the perfect gellyballs, every time.

Growth of Ready-Made Water Gel Balls - Just Add Water

How to grow your Gel Balls with water

Growth of water gel balls is a simple process that requires you to add water, either with an eyedropper or by submerging them in it. As the water is absorbed by the gelly ball, it expands into its original size and shape. Once removed from the water, they will slowly evaporate until eventually shrink back down to their original size.

Step 1: Add a spoonful of water gel balls ( About 6600 pcs ) into the container and soak them in clean water for about 3-4 hours.

Step 2: The water gel beads will gradually expand in the water. Allow your child to watch the water gell beads grow from a very tiny beads to a bigger size in just a couple of hours.

Step 3: After about 3-4 hours, the water beads will swell to obtain standard 7-8mm size for Gel blaster. When it will become lighter in color, which means the suction is complete.

Caring for your Eco-Friendly Gelly Balls for a Gel Ball Blaster

Caring for eco-friendly gelly balls is a simple process. After each use, you should rinse and clean the balls thoroughly to ensure they are free from dirt and bacteria. If possible, air-dry them in direct sunlight or a warm area to avoid using electricity. Finally, store them in an airtight container to protect against dust and dirt buildup. Following these steps will help your eco-friendly gelly balls last longer and remain in top condition.

How We Choose Gel Ball or Water Based Beads for Your Gel Blaster Toy

Apart from making your own gelly balls , there are plenty of other eco-friendly options available in the marketplace. Many brands have come up with their own versions of eco-friendly gel balls, using materials such as recycled plastic and soy-based inks.

We like the few companies that make biodegradable gellys made from plant based polymers and organic pigments - perfect for those looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

When choosing the five best gel ball refill solutions for our customers’ blasters, we take into consideration several factors. We look at the material used to make the gelly balls, the production processes involved, and whether they are certified by organizations like Green Seal or Energy Star.

We also research customer feedback to ensure that the brands we select provide a good overall experience.

Finally, we also consider factors such as cost to ensure our customers are getting the best value for their money.

By taking all of these things into consideration, we are able to confidently select the five best eco-friendly gellys with confidence and peace of mind.

With our selection of top-rated eco-friendly gelly balls, you can be sure you're getting the best gelly ball refill solution for your blaster toys. You'll be able to enjoy hours of fun without worrying about environmental impact or harming anyone's health.

We trust that you'll find your next favorite item from the list we've researched for you below. All of these products have been hand-picked by our editors and we won't recommend something we wouldn't use in our own family. Some may even be items that we already use! We may receive a small compensation if you decide to buy something (that's how we keep the lights on). Some reviews have been edited for length and clarity. Have fun searching for your next fav product!

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s an eco-friendly option out there that fits your needs. And with the increasing popularity of gel blasters, no doubt we’ll continue to see more and more eco-friendly gelly ball options on the market in the near future.

So go ahead and pick up some eco-friendly Gellyballs today - and get ready for some fun and action!


The Top 5 Eco-Friendly Gelly Balls on Amazon

Here’s our top 5 list of the most eco-friendly gelly balls on

Number 1 on our list

ORWINE Gel Ball Blaster Refill 200,000

Toy Blasters Water Ball Gellyballs | Made of Non-Toxic Eco Friendly Water Balls.

ORWINE Gel Ball Blaster Refills - 200,000 Gel Balls

Number two for Gel Balls for Gellblaster

HDRASON Blue Gell Ball Water Beads 7-8Mm for Gellblaster

[10 Pack-100000 Pieces] Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Gel Burster Water Balls

Number three for Gel Bead and Gellyblaster Accessories

TANSAR Gel Beads, PLUS Gellyblaster Game and Accessories

Made with Eco Friendly Gel Balls, Compatible with Splatter Gell Blaster, Game and Accessories Gives you Multiple Ways to Play

Number four for water balls, gelly ball beads

TOOSPESY Water Balls Gelly Ball Beads

Refill 7-8mm, 200000 Pcs Gel Balls with Measuring Spoon for Kids. Non-Toxic Eco Friendly Water Balls Compatible with Gel Blasters

Number five in Gel Balls for Gelblaster Refill

AVKY Gel Balls Blaster Refill

(7-8 mm, 3 Pack, 90000 Pieces)

Water Balls Beads, Made of Non-Toxic Eco Friendly Compatible with Electric Gel Balls Blaster

Get Ready for More Fun!

These eco-friendly options provide you with the same great fun as regular gelly balls, but without the potential environmental concerns. So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to enjoy gel blasters, then these water marbles are a great option!

These gelly balls can be used in all kinds of fun activities such as pool games for kids, tabletop battles with friends, or even just for decoration. And don’t forget that they make great gifts and party favors too!

So if you’re looking for a fun and eco-friendly way to enjoy gel blasters, then these gelly balls are definitely worth considering.

FAQs about Gel Balls for Gellyblasters

FAQs for Gel Balls and GelBlasters

Gel balls are the perfect addition to any gel blaster toy. These tiny water-filled spheres offer hours of gellyball fun for kids and adults alike. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and types, making them an ideal choice for whatever type of game you’re playing. Plus, with eco-friendly options available on the market like those mentioned above, you can enjoy your gel blaster games without worrying about the environmental impact. To make sure you get the most out of your gel blasters, here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions about gel ball for gellyblasters.

What are gel balls for gel blasters?

A gel ball is a small, water-filled spheres that are used as ammunition in gel blaster toys. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and types, making them an ideal choice for whatever type of game you’re playing.

How do I make sure my gellyballs last longer?

To make sure your gellyballs last longer, it is important to rinse and clean them after each use. If possible, air-dry them in direct sunlight or a warm area to avoid using electricity. Finally, store them in an airtight container to protect against dust and dirt buildup.

Are gel balls eco-friendly?

Yes, there are eco-friendly options available on the market that use materials such as recycled plastic and soy-based inks. Many companies also make biodegradable gellys made from plant based polymers and organic pigments.

What are the benefits of gel balls?

Gel balls are a great choice for gel blaster games because they are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and offer hours of fun. They also require minimal maintenance and can be easily refilled once the ammunition is used up.

What is the best way to store my gellyballs?

The best way to store gellyballs is in an airtight container, such as a plastic bag or jar. This will protect them from dust and dirt buildup, as well as humidity that can cause mold growth.

Can I use my gellyballs outdoors with my gel blaster?

Yes, you can use your gellyballs outdoors for games as long as the temperature is not too hot. If it’s too cold, the water inside them may freeze and damage them.

How do I know if the gel balls are of good quality?

Good quality gellyballs should be consistent in size, shape, color, and texture. They should also be free from cracks or dents, and should not have any off-putting smells. If the gel balls you’ve purchased don’t meet these criteria, it’s best to return them or request a replacement.

Overall, a gel ball is a great addition to your gel blaster toy and can provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. With eco-friendly options available on the market, you can enjoy your gel blaster games without worrying about their environmental impact. Make sure to store your gellyballs properly and clean them after each use to ensure they last longer and remain in top condition. Happy gaming!

Please note: Before beginning any game with a gel blaster, be sure to read all instructions and follow safety protocols. Gel blasters should never be used to harm humans or animals. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure they are using their gel blaster responsibly and safely.

Eco-Friendly Way to Have a Blast with Gel Ball Blasters

When it comes to the recent gel blaster surge, there are lots of options to replace your dehydrated gellets or refill your hopper bottle with more gel balls. With eco-friendly options available on the market, you can enjoy your favorite gel ball games without worrying about their environmental impact.

Don’t forget that proper storage and cleaning of your gel ball is essential for keeping them in top condition.

So why not get out there and start blasting away with your all natural gel blaster gellets? Remember to use your safety glasses, protective toy tactical gear and hydrated gellets for an eco-friendly way to have a blast! Then clean up your outdoor play area with some excess water and watch the gel balls on the ground totally disappear.

Happy playing!

Your Fav Reviews Team.

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