The 7 Best Selling Squishmallows on Amazon

Looking for the most popular Squishmallows for this holiday season? We've got the scoop on the 7 best-selling Squishmallows still HOT on Amazon.

Deborah Clarke
Nov 19, 2022
4 min read
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The 7 Best Selling Squishmallows on Amazon | Includes two Disney Squishmallows - Which ones?

If you're looking for the most popular Squishmallows for this holiday season you've come to the right place!

We've got the scoop on the 7 best-selling Squishmallows that were HOT this year on Amazon, and they are still available - but don't wait long!

Read on to see if your favorite made the TOP 7 BEST SELLERS List on Amazon.

Who do you think will be NUMBER ONE??  [We personally like #6]

Which Two Disney Squishmallows Made This Best Seller List?

Yes!  Two Disney Squishmallows made our top 7 best seller list on Amazon. Which two Disney Squishmallows do you think made the list?  Scroll down to see below.

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#7 - Squishmallows: 14-Inch, Disney Plush - Abu from Aladdin

MEET ABU:  This adorable 14-inch plush ABU is officially licensed by Disney.

Disney Squishmallows

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#6 - Squishmallow

14-Inch, Pink Monarch Butterfly with White Sparkle Belly -  Andreina

MEET ANDREINA: She is a nurse who books her time from sunrise to sunset

#5 -  Squishmallows: 12-Inch, The Pink Unicorn -  Ilene

MEET ILENE: She is a future Broadway star! This unicorn loves singing, dancing, and being the belle of the ball. Every August she gets to see a new musical on Broadway for her birthday, she doesn’t have a favorite yet because she wants to see them all!

#4 - Squishmallows: 14-Inch, Disney Plush - Sven from Frozen

MEET SVEN:  Add Sven with his adorable reindeer antlers to your Squishmallows Squad! Perfect for Disney's Frozen fans of all ages. Officially licensed by Disney.

#3 - Squishmallows: 20-Inch, Sloth with Grey Face Patches - Aqua

MEET AQUA:  Aqua may be a sloth but he loves to be the life of the party!

#2 - Squishmallows: 14-Inch, Brown and Black Calico Cat - Cam

MEET CAM: Cam loves to jump in and out of boxes and build forts with his friends.

... and the number ONE best selling Squishmallow on Amazon is (DRUM ROLL)


#1 - Squishmallows: 14-Inch, Brown Tiger with Crown - Tina

MEET TINA:  She’s a spunky ‘Mallow whose style is one for the books.

So there you have it the TOP 7 BEST SELLING Squishmallows selling on Amazon.

How many of these do your little ones have?  

We like the popular 14 inch size of most of these Squishmallows.   And who could resist the extra-large AQUA SLOTH at 20 inches tall!!

These super cuddly Squishmallows have no loose parts, so they are safe for cuddles with children of all ages.

But don't wait long ... we know these are on the best-seller list so they won't last long!   Click on the image of your fav above and order now.

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