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We're thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our dynamic team - FAV, a vibrant outdoor enthusiast with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and a keen eye for the coolest gizmos and gadgets in town. When she's not scaling mountains or surfing waves, FAV is on a mission to find the trendiest gizmos and gadgets that will turn family outings into unforgettable experiences. 🏄‍♀️⛰️

 FAV's infectious enthusiasm for all things outdoorsy and sporty is matched only by her love for cutting-edge gizmos. From smart camping gear to high-tech sports equipment, or something to help you around home, FAV is always on the lookout for the next big thing that can add a dash of excitement and convenience to your life. 🎾🏕️

 We're super excited to announce that FAV is the official spokesperson for FAVGADGETS.COM. Here, she'll be sharing her top picks and personal favorites, sure to delight every gadget geek and outdoor aficionado. With FAV, you're not just getting reviews, you're getting a first-hand account of how these gadgets fare in the great outdoors. 📱⌚

 Stay tuned as FAV takes you on a thrilling journey through the world of gadgets, and shows you how to amp up your outdoor game. Get ready to explore, discover, and be inspired. After all, who better than FAV to guide you on this exciting adventure? 🗺️🔍

 So, get your explorer hats on, folks! It's time to dive into the world of gizmos and gadgets with FAV leading the way. 🚀🌍

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Amazing Tote Bag - 11 colors, even two-tone, to match your personal style. OR Curious about the Marc Jacobs Original "The Tote Bag"? See it here

This Great TOTE BAG dupe comes in 11 Colors on Amazon! ORDER HERE TODAY. Check out this amazing tote bag! It comes in various colors and sizes! It's perfect for all occasions and can carry every day essentials! OF COURSE ... If you want the MARC JACOBS Original "The Tote Bag Marc Jacobs", you can get it here too! Thank you to creators: @bibyroman, @zanamarie_, and @amazon4moms #favreviews #favgadget #fashion #cool #tiktokmademebuyit #favgadgets #amazonfinds #TheToteBagDupe #amazonfindsforcheap #amazondupes #AffordableDupes #BagObsession #HandbagDupe #budgetfriendlyfashion #AmazonSteals #dupealert #designerinspired #thetotebag #totebag #handbags

Mini Desktop Vacuum - Perfect for your cleaning your desktop office

ORDER HERE ON AMAZON. Love this gadget, it's a perfect way to clean up if you're 'working from home'. This mini desktop vacuum will help clean up and crumbs, dust, and pencil shavings you have at your workspace! It runs on two AA batteries, allowing you to take it where ever you want! Its the best little vacuum! Learn more about the mini desktop vacuum on Amazon! Thank you to creators: @keniastudies, @juliehaneline, and @paulinaaisabelle #favgadget #favreviews #minivacuum #officegadgets #officereviews #amazonfinds #DeskCleaner #MiniVacuum #CleaningGadgets #WorkstationClean #OfficeEssentials #TidyWorkspace #DustRemoval #SmallAppliances #OrganizedDesk #TechCleaning #WFH

Rotating Cheese Grater - free your hands, save your fingers.

ORDER HERE ON AMAZON! This rotating cheese grater is the perfect kitchen gadget to own! With 3 different drum kits, you have the option to slice, coarse shred, and fine shred cheese, potatoes, cookies, and other fruits and vegetables! It's dishwasher safe so its perfect! Get it today on Amazon! Thank you to creators: @ourokhome, @happyhome_withsara79, and @rachel_meaders

Back Stretcher - Visit the Magic Back Support Store on Amazon!

Check out this Magic Back Stretcher! It will help ease muscle pain and overall tension in your body! With multi level stretching options, pick the one that suits you best! Do not use this product if you are injured or think you are injured! Contact physician first before use if this applies to you. To learn more visit the Magic Back Support Store on Amazon. Thank you to creators: @marchding, @cdxtfitness03_2, and @apricothealth #lumbarsupport #shorts #favgadgets #favgadget #summer #2023 #fyp #tiktokmademebuyit #bestreviews

Core a Pineapple Like a Pro! (Great Gift Gadget)

Are you a fan of pineapple?? If so this is the perfect kitchen gadget for you! The pineapple corer will take out the pineapple and cut it into circles for you and your company to enjoy! This is a great gift gadget too! ORDER NOW ON AMAZON! Thank you to creators: @cici.soriano, @frequentfinder, and @tk_homeessential #kitchenfavs #favreviews #kitchengadget #kitchengadgetreviews #kitchenreviews #giftgadget #shorts #fyp #bestgadgets #amazonfinds #summer #2023 @tiktokmademebuyit #needthat

Corn Peeler - Makes Harvest Season So Much Easier!

This corn peeler from Amazon will save you lots of time and frustration while peeling. Own one today! #amazonfinds #2023 #summer #shorts #CornPeeler #KitchenGadgets #KitchenTools #KitchenUtensils #Kitchenware #KitchenDesign #CoolGadgets #HomeRenovation #KitchenInspiration #FoodPrep Thankyou creators @tool.items, @emoterangmomshie, and @yesaius114 

The Fur Zapper - Removes Pet Hair with Ease!

This FurZapper will remove hair from your laundry in a jiffy! Just throw both of them into the laundry, then the drier after, and voila! Clean, hairless clothes! (Reminder: do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets when using FurZapper). It's one of the best pet hair removers! BUY Fur Zapper HERE on Amazon! Thank you to creators: @lifewithdaniielle, @timeandseason, and @abbey.n.darby #petgadget #pethairremover #favpetgear #shorts #fyp #summer #2023 #amazonfinds #tiktokmademebuyit #bestgadgets #favreviews #YTmademebuyit

Stanley Camp Pour Over Set - a camping must have for coffee lovers!

This is a camping must have for coffee lovers! Introducing the Camp Pour Over Set by Stanley. Get it today on Amazon!

Rubbermaid Reveal Electric Scrubber

Clean those tough kitchen and bathroom corners for you. This Rubbermaid reveal scrubber will get all the dirt and grime out from the hard to reach places! With an oscillating head that spins over 60 times a second, the rubbermaid reveal scrubber decimates dirt and grime! Get it today on Amazon! Thank you to creators: @jettsetfarmhouse, @caitlinmariedasilva, and @elcaryos #favreviews #gadgetreviews #2023 #summer #favgadgets #syp #shorts #amazonfinds #tiktokmademebuyit #cleanhome #cleanmyhome

Crazy Smart Mug with Temperature Control

Another Amazon Kitchen FAV "Herb Scissors"

Likes 837 Views Sep 3 2023 These Herb Scissors will save you a lot of chopping! Ready to unleash your inner chef? Look no further than the Jenaluca Herb Scissors! With their razor-sharp blades and sleek design, these scissors are the ultimate kitchen companion for every culinary enthusiast. From effortlessly snipping herbs to tackling tough cuts of meat, these scissors are a game-changer. Say goodbye to dull knives and hello to precision and style. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like never before with the Jenaluca Scissors! Check it out here: https://geni.us/9zgTp Thank you to creators: @thatonline_finds, @itsgigirobinson, and @dreamteamfamhome #shorts #fyp #amazonfinds #amazonkitchenfinds #tiktokmademebuyit #favreviews #kitchengadgets #herbscissors #5bladeherbscissors #bestkitchengadget #bestgadget 💡SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE 💡

This 7 in 1 Electronics Cleaner Will Keep Your Devices Looking Brand New!! #shorts #keyboardcleaner
Do you have a dirty keyboard with lots of crumbs or Dorito dust? Is your phone or laptop screen have smudges that just wont go away? Well look no further, we…

Amazing Octobuddy Phone Mount (Perfect for Influencers!!) #shorts #octobuddy
Check out this great new suction cupped phone mount! Just stick to any flat surface and your good to go! This is the perfect product for a vlogger or influen…

Keep Your Drinks Cold! (Fits in Bottles Too!!) #shorts
Keep your drink chill this summer with this thin ice tray! Own it today here! https://amzn.to/47cx1jeThank you to creators: @devdoesreviews, @amazonfindsunle…

Capturing Creepy Crawlers: The Ultimate Critter Catcher! #shorts #gadget
Check out this critter catcher that can pick up spiders and other small critters that are not welcome in your home! It’s easy to use and it doesn’t harm or h…

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