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Skateboards You Can Stop: The Revolutionary VibeRide Skateboard Brakes

Revolutionizing the way we ride, VibeRide is the trailblazer in skateboard innovation, introducing an ingenious braking system that's changing the game for skateboarders everywhere.

Deborah Clarke
Jan 18, 2024
13 min read
VIBERIDE disrupting the skateboard industry

Skateboarding has evolved from a fringe pastime to a global phenomenon, with innovations that continually push the boundaries of what's possible.

However, one aspect that has remained relatively unchanged is the method of stopping a skateboard.

That is, until now.

VibeRide is changing the game with their new innovation in skateboard brakes, offering a safer and more controlled riding experience.

VibeRide new innovation in skateboard brakes
Is it just me, or is Charlie Cannon like the Justin Bieber of Skateboarding!

Why It's One of Our FAVs:

  • VibeRide has introduced an innovative braking system for skateboards that enhances safety and control.
  • The new skateboard brakes are compatible with various skateboard types, including longboards.
  • No denying the successful young entrepreneurs, all professionals in their field, behind VibeRide. Is it just me? Or, is Charlie Cannon like a young Justin Bieber in the skateboarding industry!
  • VibeRide's innovation has caught the attention of investors, including Shark Tank's Mark Cuban.

The Need for Innovation in Skateboard Braking

Skateboarding at sunset down highway with no easy way to stop.

For years, skateboarders have relied on traditional methods of stopping their boards, such as foot braking or bailing out, which can be unsafe and unreliable.

The lack of an effective braking system has been a glaring oversight in skateboard design. VibeRide has recognized this gap and developed a solution that promises to revolutionize how skateboarders come to a halt.

VibeRide's Answer to Skateboard Safety

VibeRide's skateboard brakes are a testament to the brand's commitment to rider safety.

safety is paramount with young skateboarders, helmets, gear and now brakes!
Inspiring a new generation of skateboard safety - VibeRide

By providing a reliable way to stop (now there's a thought!), riders can now tackle steeper hills and cruise down busier streets with confidence. This innovation is not just about convenience; it's about transforming skateboarding into a safer mode of transportation for riders of all skill levels.

How VibeRide's Skateboard Brakes Work

This YouTube video demonstrates the technology behind VibeRide's skateboard brakes. It involves a simple and ingenious mechanism that riders can engage with ease, bringing their feet and the skateboard to a smooth and controlled stop.

This system is designed to be intuitive, ensuring that even beginners can use it effectively without extensive practice.

Compatibility with Different Skateboards

One of the most impressive aspects of VibeRide's brakes is their versatility. These brakes for skateboards and wheels are not limited to a single type of board; they can be fitted onto various models, including longboards. This universal design approach ensures that a wide range of skateboarders can benefit from this groundbreaking technology.

The Design Process Behind VibeRide's Brakes

Creating brakes for longboards and skateboards that are both effective and unobtrusive was no small feat. VibeRide's design team spent countless hours perfecting a system that would not compromise the aesthetics or performance of the skateboard. The result is a sleek and low-profile brake that seamlessly integrates with the board's design.

The Impact on Skateboarding Performance

While safety is the primary concern, VibeRide's skateboard brakes also offer performance benefits.

By allowing riders to control and slow their speed more precisely, these brakes enable more technical maneuvers and a greater range of riding styles. Whether cruising or performing tricks, VibeRide's brakes enhance the skateboarding experience.

Meet the Young Innovators Behind VibeRide: The "Shark Tank" Phenomenon

The entrepreneurial world is buzzing about VibeRide, a groundbreaking company that's making waves in the industry. What sets VibeRide apart is not just its innovative approach to business but also the youthful vigor of its founders.

Carson Macdonald, Charlie Cannon, and Chris Goodhue launched VibeRide in their early twenties, at ages 22, 23 and 27 respectively, showcasing that age is just a number when it comes to disrupting markets.

This dynamic trio began their journey at the University of Utah, where their paths crossed and their collective ambition led to the birth of VibeRide.

Unlike many competitors on the hit show "Shark Tank," these young entrepreneurs have demonstrated an exceptional ability to turn a big idea into reality in a remarkably short time.

Carson Macdonald

Carson Macdonald, the tech wizard of the group, brings a wealth of knowledge in software development and innovation. His expertise has been pivotal in creating the technological backbone of VibeRide, ensuring that the company stays ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Chris Goodhue

Chris Goodhue, with his keen business acumen and strategic vision, complements the team by focusing on growth and scalability. His experience in business development and marketing has been instrumental in crafting VibeRide's trajectory towards success.

Charlie Cannon

Charlie Cannon's impressive background is particularly noteworthy. At the youthful age of 18, Mr. Cannon forged a partnership with the ski brand J Skis, where he skillfully marketed their products through captivating skiing videos designed for social media platforms.

His entrepreneurial spirit continued to flourish as he founded EXO Drones at 19, a venture that impressively generated over $15 million in sales within two years. In 2022, Mr. Cannon's successful sale of EXO Drones not only established him as a multi-millionaire but also provided the opportunity to co-found VibeRide with his current partners.

VibeRide holds a significant presence on social media, a testament to Mr. Cannon's expertise, which he honed during his tenure with J Skis and later attributed to the exponential growth of EXO Drones. It comes as no surprise that social media is a cornerstone of VibeRide's business strategy.

In alignment with the youthful spirit of its founders, VibeRide is particularly active on TikTok and YouTube, platforms that resonate with their target demographic. The company has cultivated a TikTok following that exceeds 10,000 users, showcasing their ability to engage with the community effectively.

The Journey of Innovation: VibeRide's Quest for the Ultimate Longboard Brake

In the world of longboarding, the trio of passionate riders embarked on this exhilarating adventure with a shared vision fueled by their personal escapades on the asphalt waves.

They dreamed of revolutionizing the ride with a groundbreaking longboard brake, an idea that simmered and matured over several years.

Their quest led them to a remarkable innovation known as the Brakeboard. This ingenious creation was the brainchild of the talented Australian product designer, Ben Newman. Newman wasn't just a designer; he was a visionary whose Brakeboard technology blazed trails starting in 1999. His dedication didn't just span months or years, but decades, as he tirelessly promoted his invention through the 2000s and well into the 2010s.

In a moment of triumph, Newman's ingenuity was spotlighted in 2006 when he clinched a win on "The New Inventors," an Australian ABC show with echoes of the entrepreneurial battleground "Shark Tank." His relentless spirit saw the Brakeboard soar to new heights with a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, capturing the imagination of riders and innovators alike.

Fast forward to today, and the digital trails lead from the former Brakeboard website straight to the vibrant doorstep of VibeRide. This isn't just a new chapter; it's a legacy in motion.

VibeRide isn't merely a company; it's a beacon of hope, standing on the shoulders of decades of innovation and persistence. The torch has been passed, and with it, the belief that the new custodians possess the business savvy to propel the Brakeboard into the limelight, achieving what Newman aspired to all those years.

Join the ride into the future with VibeRide, where history and potential merge to create the ultimate longboarding experience.

The Role of VibeRide in the Skateboarding Community

VibeRide is not just a company that sells skateboard accessories; it's a brand that is deeply invested in the skateboarding community.

Their commitment to balance between innovation and safety reflects a desire to see the sport grow and evolve.

VibeRide's brakes for skateboards are a clear indication of their dedication to riders' well-being.

VIBERIDE 1) Founder Series | 2) Switch, simply pull up to slow down | 3) Matrix e-Board
VIBERIDE 1) Founder Series | 2) Switch, simply pull up to slow down | 3) Matrix e-Board

Founder Series

Suitable for any hill, any speed, anyone according to VibeRide.


For safety, simply pull up to slow down. It comes with a Leash and Foot Pedal, so you can start with the leash, then graduate to the foot pedal (available for pre-order now!)

VibeRide Matrix E-Board

A class leader with e-boards!

VibeRide's Vision for the Future of Skateboarding

Looking ahead, VibeRide envisions a world where skateboarding is as commonplace as biking or running. By making skateboarding safer and more accessible, they aim to encourage more people to take up the sport. Their innovative wheel brakes are a step toward making this vision a reality.

Watch as they reveal new secrets and great deals to 'brake' into a whole new demographic of skateboarders and longboarders with:

  • e-Boards
  • e-Scooters
VIBERIDE eScooters 1) Explorer ; 2) Earth Rover Models
VIBERIDE eScooters 1) Explorer ; 2) Earth Rover Models

Mark Cuban's Strategic Vision for VibeRide's Skateboard Brakes

Mark Cuban's strategic vision for VibeRide extends beyond immediate market penetration; it encompasses a long-term roadmap for the brand's evolution in the skateboarding industry.

Mark Cuban Shark Tank partners with VIBERIDE co-founders January 2024

His foresight will be instrumental in positioning VibeRide's skateboard brakes not just as a safety feature but as an essential component of the modern skateboarder's gear. Cuban's approach to business growth is holistic, ensuring that VibeRide's operational, marketing, and product development strategies are aligned to capture the market effectively.

Under Cuban's guidance, VibeRide is poised to set new standards in the skateboarding world. His emphasis on research and development ensures that VibeRide's brakes continue to evolve, incorporating cutting-edge technology to meet the changing needs of skateboarders.

Cuban's involvement in the product lifecycle, from design to distribution, ensures that VibeRide remains at the forefront of innovation.

His strategic vision, like VibeRide's partners, is not just about leading the market but transforming it, to make their skateboard brakes a hallmark of excellence and safety in the industry.

Cuban's Influence on VibeRide's Brand Recognition

Mark Cuban's association with VibeRide will be a catalyst for the brand's enhanced recognition. His endorsement serves as a powerful testament to the product's potential, instilling consumer confidence and driving sales.

Cuban's active role in promoting VibeRide's skateboard brakes has not only amplified the brand's message but also underscored the importance of safety innovations in skateboarding. His presence in the company's narrative resonates with both investors and customers, creating a ripple effect to boost the brand's credibility.

This heightened brand recognition is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and the value that influential figures like Mark Cuban can bring to emerging companies in the sports equipment industry.

Cuban's Role in Enhancing VibeRide's Market Reach

Shark Tank's Mark Cuban has a reputation for turning promising ventures into household names, and his involvement with VibeRide will be no exception.

His guidance will be pivotal in expanding the brand's reach, tapping into new demographics, and exploring untapped markets. Cuban's emphasis on customer experience and his understanding of the digital landscape will lead to targeted online campaigns that resonate with the skateboarding community and beyond.

Cuban's commitment to VibeRide also reflects his dedication to promoting safer sports practices. By backing a product that prioritizes the well-being of its users, Cuban is not just investing in a company but advocating for a culture shift in skateboarding. His influence helps to educate the market on the importance of safety features, such as VibeRide's innovative brakes, thereby fostering a more responsible and safety-conscious skateboarding environment.

The Environmental Benefits of VibeRide's Skateboard Brakes

In an age where eco-friendliness is increasingly important, VibeRide's skateboard brakes offer an additional advantage.

eScooters by VIBERIDE offer an environmentally friendly transportation solution

By making skateboarding a more viable mode of transportation, they contribute to reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions. This innovation aligns with a greener future where alternative transportation methods are embraced.

The Economic Impact of Safer Skateboarding

The introduction of effective skateboard brakes also has economic implications.

Safer skateboarding means fewer accidents and injuries, which translates to lower healthcare costs and less time off work or school.

VibeRide's brakes for longboards and skateboards could lead to significant savings for individuals and communities alike.

How VibeRide's Brakes Are Changing the Game for Skateboarders

The introduction of VibeRide's skateboard brakes is a game-changer for the skateboarding world. It addresses a longstanding issue that has been largely ignored by manufacturers.

Learning to skateboard with VibeRide's SWITCH Skateboard
Learning to ride with VibeRide's SWITCH Skateboard

Now, with a reliable braking system in place, skateboarders can push the limits of their sport with a newfound sense of security.

The Accessibility of VibeRide's Skateboard Brakes

VibeRide is committed to making their skateboard brakes accessible to as many riders as possible. They are working to keep the price point reasonable without compromising on quality. This accessibility ensures that skateboarders from various backgrounds can enjoy the benefits of this innovation.

The Installation Process of VibeRide's Brakes

Installing VibeRide's brakes on your skateboard or longboard is a straightforward process. The company provides clear instructions and all the necessary hardware, making it possible for riders to equip their boards with these brakes quickly and without professional help.

VibeRide Brake Kits can be installed on your existing skateboard - installation is easy

This ease of installation further contributes to the widespread adoption of the technology.

The Reception of VibeRide's Skateboard Brakes in the Market

Since their launch, VibeRide's skateboard brakes have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the skateboarding community.

Riders appreciate the enhanced safety and control, and many have shared their experiences of how the brakes have improved their riding.

This positive reception is a clear indicator of the product's success.

The Future Developments of Skateboard Brakes by VibeRide

VibeRide's innovative skateboard brakes are a groundbreaking development in the world of skateboarding. Offering enhanced safety, control, and versatility, these brakes are compatible with a variety of skateboards, including longboards.

But, VibeRide is not resting on its laurels. The company is continuously seeking ways to improve and refine their skateboard brakes and the every expanding VibeRide line of products.

With a focus on innovation and rider feedback, VibeRide is dedicated to staying at the forefront of skateboard technology and safety.

With the support of influential figures like Mark Cuban, VibeRide is set to transform the skateboard industry into a safer and more accessible sport.

The positive market reception and the company's commitment to continuous improvement suggest a bright future for VibeRide and skateboarders worldwide.

Venture on VibeRide ... Continued Success.

Happy Skateboarding to all!

Your FAV Reviews Team

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FAQ Section

FAQs about VIBERIDE, Skateboard brakes and new products

Are VibeRide's skateboard brakes difficult to install?

No, VibeRide's skateboard brakes are designed for easy installation. The company provides a kit with all necessary hardware and clear instructions, allowing riders to equip their boards without professional help.

Can VibeRide's brakes be used on any type of skateboard?

Yes, VibeRide's brakes are versatile and can be fitted onto various skateboard models, including longboards. This ensures that a wide range of skateboarders can benefit from the technology.

How do VibeRide's skateboard brakes enhance rider safety?

VibeRide's brakes allow skateboarders to stop their boards in a controlled and reliable manner, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. This braking system provides a safer alternative to traditional stopping methods like foot braking or bailing out.

What episode of Shark Tank was VibeRide on?

VibeRide was on Shark Tank January 12, 2024, Season 15 · Episode 10.
VibeRide was on Shark Tank January 12, 2024, Season 15 · Episode 10

The entrepreneurial world is still buzzing about VibeRide, a groundbreaking company that's making waves in the skateboard industry. The youthful partners pitched their new business VibeRide to the Sharks on January 12, 2024, Shark Tank's S15 E10 · Episode 10. Sprinkles Cupcakes founder Candace Nelson returned as a guest shark, but it was Mark Cuban who secured a deal with these skateboard savvy twenty-something entrepreneurs. What sets VibeRide apart is not just its disruptive ideals for the skateboard industry, or it's innovative approach to business but also the youthful vigor of its founders. Charlie Cannon, Carson Macdonald, and Chris Goodhue.

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