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Get Year-Round Comfort With an All-Season Organic Comforter from Sleep And Beyond

The Sleep & Beyond myComforter is a Wool Comforter that is expertly crafted with organic materials, ensuring a chemical-free sleep environment. It offers superior comfort, breathability, and temperature regulation.

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Jun 6, 2023
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Wool Comforter | Sleep and Beyond | British Shopshire Wool |

In this article, we're reviewing an amazing comforter from Sleep and Beyond.

The company specializes in creating wool products and is known for its commitment to providing high-quality, organic, and sustainable bedding essentials.

Their wool products are carefully crafted using a meticulous process that involves sourcing premium wool and employing eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

myComforter by Sleep and Beyond | Wool filled Comforter | Review by FAV Reviews
Organic Bedding

Sleep and Beyond places great emphasis on sourcing wool from ethical and sustainable sources. They work closely with farmers who practice responsible sheep farming, ensuring the well-being of the animals and promoting eco-friendly land management techniques.

Shropshire sheep were described as "Choicest and Dearest in England" in 17th Century.

Also, the wool used by Sleep and Beyond is certified organic, guaranteeing that it meets strict standards for organic production. This means that the wool is free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals commonly used in conventional farming. Organic certification ensures a healthier and safer sleep environment.

Sleep and Beyond myComforter Wool Comforter

All Natural, Washable Wool Comforter | Keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter | 5 Sizes, Crib to Super King

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Why We Like It

One of their best wool products is without a doubt the myComforter.

First of all, it's encased in 100% natural cotton sateen with a thread count of 300. That means it not only feels incredibly soft against the skin, but it also adds a touch of luxury to any bedding.

The natural cotton sateen cover adds a layer of breathability to the comforter, allowing for optimal airflow and ensuring that I stay comfortable throughout the night. It's like sleeping under a cozy cloud! The 300-thread count adds to the overall durability and longevity of the comforter, making it a worthwhile investment.

Another thing that's well appreciated about the myComforter is its versatility. It's available in different sizes, from crib, to twin, full/queen, king, and super king, allowing me to choose the perfect fit for my bed. Whether a person wants to rest alone or share it with a partner, there's a size option for everyone.

Furthermore, the myComforter provides excellent temperature regulation. Wool has natural thermo-regulating properties, which means it helps keep someone warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You don't have to worry about waking up sweaty or chilled during the night.

Features and Care Instructions for myComforter Washable Wool Comforter
Sleep and Beyond | myComforter features | Shop Now!

FAV Features

The Sleep & Beyond myComforter is simply magical! It's like sleeping on a cloud with all its remarkable features:

First, it's incredibly breathable, unlike those stuffy down and synthetic options. You'll feel the gentle breeze and stay perfectly comfortable all night long. No more tossing and turning in discomfort!

And let's talk about moisture-wicking—wow! The myComforter quickly whisks away any moisture, keeping you dry and cozy without a hint of clamminess. Say goodbye to those restless nights and hello to uninterrupted slumber!

The wool fill of this comforter is pure luxury. Filled with 100% Shropshire Wool, it's like being enveloped in a warm, fluffy hug. The quality and comfort are unmatched, giving you the ultimate sleep experience.

But here's the real magic—the myComforter is an all-season wonder! This all season comforter keeps you toasty warm during chilly winters, yet it's breathable enough to keep you cool when summer's heat strikes. Just like sheep stay cozy in the winter and cool in the summer, this comforter works its thermos-like magic on you.

And guess what? It's washable! No hassle or fuss—just throw it in the washing machine and keep it fresh and clean. With a little care, this beauty will last you years, providing endless nights of delightful sleep.

And if that's not enough, Sleep & Beyond believes in the myComforter so much that they offer a 5-year warranty. That's the cherry on top—the peace of mind of knowing that they stand behind their product and want you to experience the best sleep of your life.

So there you have it! The Sleep & Beyond myComforter is truly a dream come true. With its many features:

  • natural breathability,
  • moisture-wicking prowess,
  • premium fill,
  • all-season comfort,
  • washable convenience, and
  • fabulous warranty,

This wool filled comforter is the key to unlocking the most magical and rejuvenating sleep you've ever had.

What's the Difference Between a Wool Duvet, Wool Comforter, or a Wool Duvet Insert?

A wool duvet refers to a bedding product filled with wool and encased in a fabric cover. It is designed to be used as a standalone bedding item, similar to a traditional duvet or comforter. A wool duvet typically has a quilted construction to keep the wool evenly distributed and provide warmth and insulation. It serves as a top layer on your bed, providing comfort and warmth.

A wool comforter is essentially the same as a wool duvet. It is filled with wool and covered with a fabric casing. The terms "wool comforter" and "wool duvet" are often used interchangeably, depending on regional preferences or personal preferences of the brand or manufacturer. Both terms refer to the same type of bedding item—a warm and cozy wool-filled comforter.

A wool duvet insert is specifically designed to be used as an insert or filling for duvet covers. It is a standalone wool-filled insert without a fabric cover. You would place this wool duvet insert inside a duvet cover, which acts as a protective outer layer and provides the desired aesthetic for your bedding. The duvet cover can be easily removed and washed, while the wool duvet insert remains inside.

How Do You Care for a Comforter, Duvet, or Quilt?

So, you've got yourself a cozy comforter, duvet, or quilt, and you want to keep it in tip-top shape? No worries! I've got some casual and helpful tips on how to care for these snuggly bedding items. Let's dive in!

Sleep and Beyond Company Comforters and Duvet Cover all organic cotton and wools
Visit the Sleep and Beyond Store Today!

Cleaning and Washing:

  • First things first, always check the care label! It's your trusty guide for cleaning instructions specific to your comforter, duvet, or quilt.
  • For small stains or spills, spot cleaning is the way to go. Grab a mild detergent and a clean cloth, then gently blot the stain. No rubbing, please!
  • Regular maintenance is key. Give your bedding a good fluffing to maintain its loft and freshness. Also, don't forget to let it enjoy some fresh air and sunshine for a natural refresh.

Cotton-Filled Comforters:

  • Most cotton-filled comforters can handle the washing machine. Use a gentle or delicate cycle in a large-capacity machine.
  • Stick to a mild detergent and avoid bleach or harsh chemicals that could harm the cotton fibers.
  • When it comes to drying, either tumble dry on a low heat setting or line dry. Just make sure it's completely dry before snuggling up under it again.

Wool-Filled Comforters:

  • Wool is a bit more delicate, so spot cleaning is your friend here too. Treat small stains with a gentle touch using mild detergent and a clean cloth.
  • Wool has some self-cleaning powers, believe it or not! Give it a breath of fresh air by airing it out or hanging it outside to eliminate any unwanted odors.
  • myMerino Wool Comforter is NOT Machine Washable, please spot clean and air it out, remember wool has some self-cleaning powers
  • myComforter is filled with 100% washable Shropshire Wool so it's machine washable

Alpaca-Filled Comforters:

  • Treat small stains on your alpaca-filled comforter with the same gentle approach mentioned earlier—spot clean with a mild detergent and a soft touch.
  • For thorough cleaning, it's wise to consult a professional dry cleaner who knows their way around alpaca products. They'll handle it with care and make it fresh as a daisy.

Remember, giving these items some tender loving care will help them stay cozy and last for years. Follow the care instructions on the label, use common sense when cleaning, and when in doubt, consult the pros.

So, keep your bedding clean, fresh, and ready for all the snug moments ahead. Happy snoozing!

Different Types of Organic Comforter Fills: Cotton, Wool, and Alpaca

When it comes to organic comforters, there's a world of cozy options out there. Let's explore the different types of fills you can find: cotton, wool, and alpaca. Here's the lowdown on each:


Ah, the classic cotton comforter fill. It's lightweight, breathable, and oh-so-soft. Cotton is a natural fiber that allows for good airflow, making it perfect for those who tend to get warm while snoozing. Plus, it's hypoallergenic, so it's friendly to those with allergies. Just be sure to check the care instructions, as cotton comforters can often be machine washed for easy maintenance.


Get ready to cozy up with wool-filled comforters! Wool is nature's insulator, making it a fantastic choice for all-season bedding. It breathes more naturally than synthetic materials and has excellent moisture-wicking properties. That means it keeps you comfortably dry without making you feel cold or clammy. Wool also acts like a little thermos, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, just like it does for our fluffy sheep friends. If you have a wool comforter, check the care instructions, as it may require more delicate care like spot cleaning or professional dry cleaning.


Looking for something extra luxurious? Alpaca-filled comforters might be your jam. Alpaca fiber is incredibly soft and silky, offering a luxurious sleep experience. Like wool, it's a natural insulator and helps regulate body temperature, keeping you cozy all year round. Alpaca is also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, making it a great option for allergy sufferers. Keep in mind that alpaca-filled comforters may require special care, so be sure to follow the care instructions or consult with the manufacturer.

No matter which fills you choose—organic cotton, organic wool, or alpaca—you're in for a snuggly treat. Each has its unique benefits, so consider your sleep preferences, climate, and any specific needs like allergies when making your choice. With the right fill and a comfy cover, your organic comforter will have you drifting off into dreamland in no time.

FAQs Wool Comforters and Wool Duvets

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of our review article. We've explored the world of wool-filled comforters and duvets!

Wool is a natural, renewable, and sustainable material that has been cherished for centuries due to its unparalleled warmth, comfort, and durability.

In this FAQ section, we'll address the most commonly asked queries about these popular bedding products, shedding light on why they're an excellent choice for a cozy, restful sleep.

Our FAQs offer clear and concise answers to your questions, highlighting the many benefits of using wool as a filling for comforters and duvets. From temperature regulation to moisture-wicking properties and hypoallergenic advantages, you'll discover how wool-filled bedding can elevate your sleeping experience.

So, whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned wool enthusiast, let's embark on this journey together and uncover the secrets behind this luxurious and eco-friendly bedding option!

Sleep and Beyond myComforter FAQs

Is a Wool-filled Duvet Any Good?

Yes, a wool-filled duvet is considered excellent. Wool provides natural insulation, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties, keeping you cozy and comfortable throughout the night.

Is a Wool Duvet Better Than a Down Alternative?

It depends on personal preference. Wool duvets offer excellent temperature regulation, moisture-wicking abilities, and hypoallergenic properties. Down alternative duvets, on the other hand, are often lighter and can provide a different level of softness. Choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.

Can You Put a Wool Duvet in the Dryer?

It's generally not recommended to put a wool duvet in the dryer. Wool is a delicate fiber that can shrink or lose its shape when exposed to high heat. Instead, it's best to air dry or follow the manufacturer's specific care instructions.

Is Wool Good For a Comforter?

Yes, wool is a great material for comforters. Wool provides natural insulation, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties. It helps regulate body temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

What is the Healthiest Type of Comforter?

The healthiest type of comforter can vary depending on individual needs. However, organic and natural materials like organic cotton or wool are often considered healthier options. They are hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals, and can contribute to a healthier sleep environment.

Can Wool Comforters Be Washed?

Yes, many wool comforters can be washed. However, it's essential to check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Some wool comforters may require specific washing methods, such as hand washing or using a gentle cycle in a front-loading washing machine. Following the care instructions ensures the longevity and performance of your wool comforter.

Upgrade Sleep Time with myComforter - Filled with Premium Natural Wool and Velvety Soft Cotton cover

The Sleep & Beyond myComforte Wool Comforter is expertly crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail. It uses organic materials, ensuring a chemical-free sleep environment. The wool filling is hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture-wicking, promoting better sleep and preventing discomfort. It also regulates temperature, keeping you cozy year-round. With its superior craftsmanship and focus on health and well-being, this comforter is a reliable choice for a rejuvenating night's sleep.

Happy Shopping!

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