Carry It All In Style: Best of the Big Backpacks for School and Travel - Balancing Capacity, Comfort, and Design

Maximize your school and travel experience with our top 5 large backpack recommendations. From ample space to trendy designs, find the perfect blend of style and functionality for the ultimate student companion.

By Jan E.M., Deborah Clarke,

Sep 9, 2023
20 min read
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5 big backpacks for school and travel
Best of the Big Backpacks for School and Travel

In the pursuit of identifying the ultimate solutions for students' carrying needs, the FAV Reviews team engaged in a comprehensive assessment process to unveil the most exceptional options in the realm of large school backpacks.

Our endeavor was anchored in an amalgamation of meticulous research, hands-on scrutiny, and an unswerving commitment to quality – a process we believe sets us apart.

Big backpacks for school or travel

How We Choose the Best Big Backpacks for School

Our journey commenced with an extensive exploration of the market, during which we scoured online platforms, dissected consumer feedback, and delved into the insights shared by experts in the field.

This groundwork allowed us to isolate the most sought-after features in contemporary backpacks, including specialized laptop compartments, accessory pockets, and thoughtfully engineered shoulder straps that cater to the unique needs of high school students.

Man, have we got to know about backpacks. Adding to that research, is the fact we've been travel enthusiasts and have worked 'on the road' for years, heck for generations, so we know backpacks.

Here is our quick list of features you should be looking for in a large size backpack for school or travel.

Padded Laptop Compartment

In response to the digital age, we paid particular attention to laptop bags. Our aim is twofold – to ensure the travel laptop backpacks we recommend provided secure accommodations for laptops while facilitating ease of access for TSA checkpoints. Protecting your laptop and ease of access was evident in our evaluation of the quality and protection offered by these compartments.

Accessory Pockets and Other Features

As we scrutinized the landscape of large school backpacks, our attention gravitated towards a vital aspect: accessory pockets and an array of other thoughtful features. These pockets stand as a testament to intelligent design, providing more than just storage; they are strategic compartments that cater to the multifaceted demands of students' daily lives.

Our selection of backpacks doesn't just offer storage space; it presents an organizational masterpiece. The inclusion of quick-access pockets ensures that your essentials are always within reach, enabling you to retrieve items on the move without disrupting your rhythm. This seamless accessibility streamlines your day, whether you're navigating the bustling hallways or exploring new terrains during your travels.

Furthermore, the significance of well-designed shoulder straps cannot be underestimated. The backpacks we've curated feature padded straps that marry comfort and utility, lessening the burden of hefty loads and distributing weight evenly. This translates into a more enjoyable and less strenuous journey, be it from classroom to classroom or home to campus.

Theft Protection

When it comes to theft protection for backpacks, both for school and travel, there are a few things to keep in mind. Anti Theft Backpacks often feature hidden zippers and USB charging ports, providing both security and convenience. These backpacks are often designed with cut-proof fabrics, lockable zippers, and RFID safe pockets to prevent unauthorized access and theft. Some backpacks even come with advanced security features like a TSA lock and a retractable metal wire lock. Ensuring the security of your belongings while traveling or at school is of utmost importance, and an anti-theft backpack provides a reliable solution.


Lastly, we took into account the preferences of modern students and travelers, many of whom prioritize style alongside function. Our selection celebrates this duality, encompassing a diverse range of designs constructed from durable materials – with a nod to style and the rigorous demands of a busy lifestyle.

We trust that you'll find your next favorite item from the list we've researched for you below.

All of these products have been hand-picked by our editors and we won't recommend something we wouldn't use in our own family. Some may even be items that we already use! We may receive a small compensation if you decide to buy something (that's how we keep the lights on). Some reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Have fun searching for your next fav product!

The 5 Best Large School Backpack

Short list of 4 best big backpacks for school

Best Travel Laptop Backpack In Terms of Comfort

SHRRADOO Extra Large 52L Travel Laptop Backpack

SHRRADOO Extra Large Backpack

52L with Laptop Compartment, USB Charging Port, Travel Approved

Check Availability on Amazon!

FAV Reviews

Color: Black | Style: Travel Backpacks, Verified Purchase
"This backpack is simply gorgeous. My main use for it is outdoors and/or travel work with my laptop. It has tons of space for everything with so many useful pockets and zippers. It is well designed and thought of. It is ideal as a carry-on bag for flights and it's easy to pull your laptop and gear out for work during the flight. Weight distribution is great. The shoulder straps and pads are good and I carry it for hours without an issue. It is REALLY water resistant. We were caught in a really serious hellish rain storm in Rome, Italy. All of our belongings, bag contents were wet. We were wet to our underpants but the contents of this backpack remained totally dry! I carried it (without a laptop) from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Jul 2023 and it was super. Get this one. You will not regret it."


Introducing the SHRRADOO Extra Large 52L Travel Laptop Backpack – Your Ultimate Companion for Unrivaled Comfort and Unmatched Versatility!

Looking for the best backpack that seamlessly combines style, functionality, and sheer awesomeness? Look no further! The SHRRADOO Travel Backpack is not just any backpack; it's the epitome of innovation, designed to elevate your travel and everyday experiences to a whole new level.

With an astonishing 52L capacity, this backpack is an embodiment of organization and spaciousness. Say goodbye to the days of fumbling for your essentials – this laptop bag boasts 20 independent pockets, ensuring every item, from your travel accessories to your college supplies, finds its dedicated space. The quick access pocket on the side offers effortless retrieval of your must-have items, while the side elastic net pockets secure your water bottles or umbrellas, ready to spring into action at a moment's notice.

showing large capacity of the backpack


Imagine the convenience of effortlessly unfolding your backpack like a treasure chest with its clamshell opening design! Unveil its 3 spacious main compartments and hidden pockets, ready to accommodate your laptop with sizes ranging from 13 inches to a whopping 17 inches. Whether you're a tech-savvy student or a professional on the go, this backpack embraces your lifestyle with open arms.

For college kids and urban adventurers alike, this backpack proves to be the perfect companion. Navigate through bustling airports with the grace of a seasoned traveler, courtesy of its 90-180 degree unfolding feature – a design thoughtfully engineered for hassle-free security checks. From international escapades to campus strolls, it effortlessly transcends into a great bag for any occasion.

But that's not all – let's talk comfort! The SHRRADOO Big Backpack doesn't just carry your world; it pampers your shoulders too. The back U-shaped three-dimensional ventilation design ensures that your back stays cool even during the most demanding journeys. The wide, breathable mesh shoulder straps with generous sponge padding provide a cloud-like comfort that's simply unmatched. And for those moments of musical inspiration or hands-free calls, the headphone hole lets you rock on without missing a beat.

Versatile, dependable, and ready to conquer every adventure – that's the essence of the SHRRADOO Extra Large Backpack. Don't just settle for any backpack; invest in the best backpack that effortlessly bridges the gap between style, functionality, and comfort. Elevate your journey today!

Best Large Backpack for the Sporty Types

Adidas Unisex Prime 6 Backpack

Adidas Prime 6 Big Backpack

Made with recycled content as part of Adidas ambition to end plastic waste

Check Availability on Amazon!

FAV Reviews

Size: One Size | Color: Black/Gold Metallic
"My son picked this out for 7th grade. He does not have a locker, so he needed something large to accommodate all of his books and to be durable to hold so many books. This fits the bill completely! It has a great amount of compartments to organize his supplies and all of his binders and notebooks have more than enough space to fit comfortably. The straps are padded, which is another cool feature. He used an Osprey hiking bag for the last two years and I think this bag is even better than that one. I'm going to purchase one for myself as well!"


Get ready to redefine your backpack game with the iconic Adidas Unisex Prime 6 Backpack – a fusion of dynamic design and unparalleled utility that's here to take your daily adventures to a whole new level.

Crafted with a deep sense of responsibility, this product stands as a testament to our commitment to the planet. Made with recycled content, it's a bold step towards ending plastic waste and embracing a greener future. And with a lifetime warranty accompanying it, you know you're investing in a companion that's built to last.

For those who refuse to be weighed down by the burdens of everyday life, the Adidas Prime 6 Backpack is your savior. Say goodbye to the days of sore shoulders and aching backs – the revolutionary LoadSpring shoulder straps are here to share the load and elevate your comfort. It's a backpack that moves with you, not against you.

features of the Adidas Prime 6 backpack


Life can get messy, but your backpack doesn't have to show it. With wipeable material, this backpack invites easy spot cleaning with just soap and water, ensuring that it looks as fresh as your style every single day.

Step into a world of limitless organization possibilities with this backpack's cleverly designed compartments. 5 outside zippered pockets grant you quick and easy access to your essentials, while the internal zippered organization pocket ensures that chaos is kept at bay. Your belongings have never felt more at home.

Now, let's talk versatility. While it may not be the largest backpack on the block with a capacity of 36 liters, it's precisely this moderate size that makes it the best large backpack for the sporty types who thrive on agility. From school corridors to gym floors, from outdoor escapades to urban expeditions, this backpack effortlessly bridges the gap between your dynamic lifestyle and your need for style.

And oh, the colors! Prepare to be dazzled by an array of color selections that redefine the word "fire." The Adidas Unisex Prime 6 Backpack isn't just a bag; it's a statement. A statement of your personality, your energy, and your spirit for adventure.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey where function meets flair, where comfort meets convenience, and where sporty style reigns supreme, then look no further than the Adidas Unisex Prime 6 Backpack. Elevate your every day, starting now!

Best Large Backpack With A Classic Design

JanSport Big Laptop Backpack for College

JanSport Big Laptop Backpack

10 colors and patterns to choose from - Pick Your Style

Check Out this Jansport Backpack on Amazon!

FAV Reviews

Color: Red Tape | Size: One Size, Verified Purchase

"This book bag will be used for years. It has plenty of space, lots of compartments for organization and it’s stylish."


Prepare to make a statement with the iconic JanSport Big Laptop Backpack for College – a powerhouse of innovation and practicality, tailored to elevate your everyday journeys and beyond.

In a world where bigger is better, our motto is simple: "GO BIG OR GO HOME!" With lots of captivating colors, prints, and patterns to choose from, this backpack is not just a bag; it's a bold fashion statement that reflects your unique style.

But let's talk functionality – because this backpack isn't just about looks. It's designed to be your trusty sidekick, ensuring you're always prepared for the journey ahead. This exclusive college bookbag is engineered to carry everything you need and more. Imagine the possibilities: 2 large main compartments, and a dedicated 15-inch padded laptop sleeve – all within an extra-large carrying capacity. From textbooks to tech, this backpack has you covered.

features of the Jansport Big Laptop backpack for college


Quality isn't just a buzzword here – it's the foundation of the bag's design. Constructed from extremely durable recycled materials, this big backpack stands by you through every adventure, every semester, and beyond. The sturdy web haul handle adds a touch of rugged elegance to your everyday carry.

But what's style and utility without comfort? Designed for all-day wear, these laptop backpacks have your back (literally). The ergonomic S-curve shoulder straps and a fully padded back panel transform heavy loads into a breeze, making it easy to carry your essentials without compromising comfort.

Organization? Check! This JanSport Big Laptop Backpack ensures you're always on top of your game. From the side water bottle pocket to the front utility pocket, the pleated front stash pocket to the zippered front stash pocket, everything has a designated spot, ensuring chaos is left behind.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room: size. While it might be the smallest on this list, it's small but mighty with a 32-liter capacity that's nothing short of impressive. Perfect for those who believe in the essence of JanSport, it's a true testament to timeless design and lasting functionality.

So, whether you're sprinting through campus corridors or conquering the urban jungle, the JanSport Big Laptop Backpack for College has got your back – literally and figuratively.

Amazing Price to Value Backpack

YOREPEK Travel Backpack

YOREPEK Travel Backpack

50L Extra Large Backpack, Perfect for Travel

Check Price on Amazon!

FAV Reviews

Size: 17 inch | Color: Bright Red
We purchased the Yorepek Travel backpack for our son for school in Oct 2019. We were tired of buying a new backpack every year for school. They just didn't hold up. Well, here we are August 2023. The backpack is a little worn. One small zipper is broken (not a problem). Still very usable! He has used it for FOUR school years and we are trying for FIVE! It has survived two years of Junior High and two years of High School so far. And if you know boys, you know they are not gentle with backpacks. This is a great pack! Lots of room! My only complaint is how much the school expects kids to carry on their backs. :)


Introducing the YOREPEK Travel Backpack – Where Supreme Capacity and Impeccable Organization Unite for Ultimate School Success!

Unleash the power of efficiency and style with the remarkable YOREPEK Travel Backpack – a game-changer designed to amplify your academic journey and redefine the way you conquer school days like never before.

And oh, the value! The price-to-value ratio is unparalleled, giving you access to a world of excellence without breaking the bank. With a plethora of captivating colors to choose from, you're not just investing in a backpack – you're embracing a lifestyle upgrade.

Ready to transform your school experience? The YOREPEK Travel Backpack is your ticket to efficiency, organization, and style that doesn't compromise. Elevate your school journey today and conquer each day with the power of YOREPEK!

Features of big backpack perfect for travel


Prepare to be astounded by the sheer capacity and organization prowess of this backpack. With 3 spacious compartments at your disposal, including a separate laptop haven that accommodates up to impressive 17-inch laptops, and a main compartment that swallows up your daily essentials with ease – from books to notebooks, and more. But it doesn't stop there – the front compartment is a symphony of meticulous organization, boasting pockets for pens, keychains, and more, ensuring every item finds its designated place.

Need space for your hydration and essentials? Fear not! With 10+ pockets, including 2 side mesh pockets for your water bottles and umbrellas, you're effortlessly covered. It's not just a backpack; it's a marvel of organization.

Ever dreamed of breezing through airport security hassle-free? Your dreams come true with this TSA-approved travel companion. It unfolds a full 90-180 degrees, granting you swift passage through checkpoints and keeping your belongings impeccably neat – an exclusive design crafted for airplane travel. And that's not all – a luggage strap ensures it snuggly fits atop your suitcase, making it the perfect companion for both international getaways and day trips.

The term "practical" takes on a whole new meaning with this backpack. An external USB port paired with a built-in charging cable takes care of your electronic devices, ensuring you're always powered up (just remember to provide your portable charger). The earphone hole adds convenience to your music or calls on the go, while the sturdy handle with a steel cable on top guarantees effortless portability. Side compression straps? They're here to tailor the backpack to your exact needs.

Crafted from water-resistant and robust polyester fabric, and adorned with high-density nylon lining, this heavy-duty marvel boasts unmatched durability, ensuring it stands by your side through every academic challenge. From professional office meetings to charging on the go – this backpack wears multiple hats with grace. It's the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, be it for back-to-college joy or special occasions like graduation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Valentine's Day.

Now, let's talk comfort – because the YOREPEK Travel Backpack is designed to keep you thriving. Padded back support and plush, multi-panel ventilated pads offer a cocoon of comfort, while adjustable shoulder straps alleviate pressure during those long hauls. It's not just a backpack; it's your loyal partner, accompanying you through every adventure.

Another Great Large Backpack

LIWAG Large Backpack

FAV Reviews

Size: 17inch | Color: Black

"This book bag has EVERYTHING! It has compartments on top of compartments. I highly recommend for someone who doesn’t like to carry light. I also think this is great for someone who just likes to have options with their bags. It’s sturdy and made of great material."


Step into a world of boundless possibilities with the LIWAG Large Backpack – an exceptional choice that effortlessly fuses space, innovation, and practicality to cater to your every school need and beyond.

Searching for a big backpack that not only accommodates but excels? Look no further. The LIWAG Large Backpack stands as a testament to exceptional design and reliability, offering ample room for all your essentials and then some. This backpack isn't just about storage; it's about embracing a lifestyle of unparalleled convenience.

Venture into comfort with its padded and breathable mesh back panel, providing optimal air circulation. Wide, breathable mesh shoulder straps cushioned with sponge padding take the strain off your shoulders, making every journey a breeze.

And the icing on the cake? The LIWAG Large Backpack is not just a functional marvel; it's a fashion statement. With a variety of stylish colors to choose from, you're not just investing in a backpack; you're investing in your style.

Ready to embrace a world of space, style, and convenience? The LIWAG Large Backpack is your gateway to efficient organization, comfortable carry, and limitless possibilities. Elevate your school journey today with the perfect backpack companion!

features of LIWAG extra large backpack for travel


Dive into the impressive features that set the LIWAG Large Backpack apart from the rest. Boasting 20 independent pockets, this backpack grants a dedicated space for everything you can imagine. From a padded laptop compartment to organized net compartments for accessories, and three spacious main compartments brimming with hidden pockets – it's an organization enthusiast's dream come true.

Experience the convenience of mesh pockets on the side for your water bottle and umbrella, while the front compartment offers swift access to essentials. This backpack redefines efficiency, ensuring you stay on top of your game no matter where your school journey takes you.

Calling all students in need of space – the LIWAG Large Backpack isn't just a backpack; it's an all-inclusive storage solution. With its ample capacity, it effortlessly accommodates laptops ranging from 13 to 17 inches, making it the ideal choice for high school, college, and beyond. The perfect home for your books, binders, folders, and even that extra change of clothes, it embraces the essence of a true school companion.

But that's not all – this backpack boasts a TSA-approved design that unfurls for easy airport security checks. It's a jetsetter's delight, an urban explorer's ally, and a student's dream.

Crafted with durable polyester fabric and high-density nylon lining, the LIWAG Large Backpack is built to withstand the rigors of your daily adventures. Shockproof and water-resistant, it's the embodiment of reliability, ensuring your essentials stay safe and sound.

Big School Backpacks FAQs

We have compiled 5 of the best large size backpacks for school and travel. All of them can be used outside of school so choose wisely. Whatever one you choose, you'll get your money's worth and more!

But, you may still have questions on your mind, so we've compiled a list of most frequently asked questions about big backpacks for school.

What is a large backpack size for school?

The size of a large backpack for school can vary, but it's generally considered to be around 18 inches or more in height.

What is the best size backpack for a student?

High schoolers may benefit from backpacks with more storage space due to their diverse range of classes and activities, but it ultimately depends on their personal preferences and organizational style.

Do high schoolers need big backpacks?

High schoolers may benefit from backpacks with more storage space due to their diverse range of classes and activities, but it ultimately depends on their personal preferences and organizational style.

What is the best heavy-duty backpack for school?

There are several heavy-duty backpack options available for school use, known for their durability and capacity to carry textbooks and other essentials comfortably.

Is a 40-pound backpack heavy?

Size, durability, organizational features, and comfort should all be taken into account when choosing a school backpack.

What factors should be considered when selecting a backpack for school?

Size, durability, organizational features, and comfort should all be taken into account when choosing a school backpack.

Big Backpacks for School and Travel for all your Essential Items

Big backpacks have become a necessity in today's fast-paced world. They not only provide the space to carry all the essential items but also offer advanced features like anti-theft mechanisms, USB charging ports, and comfortable padding for ease of use.

Brands featured in our review like ADIDAS, JANSPORT, SHRRADOO, LIWAG, and YOREPEK stand out with their robust designs and user-friendly features.

Whether you're a student hauling books and gadgets or a traveler packing for an adventure, investing in a high-quality, spacious and secure backpack can make your life significantly easier.

Remember, the best backpack for you is one that caters to your specific needs and fits your lifestyle perfectly.

A good backpack makes all the difference.

Happy Shopping!

Your FavReviews Team

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