Good Morning Monday

Good Morning Monday: Making Monday Feel More Doable.

With a very simple shift in thinking, yes, even with just one word shifts. We can change our perspective and make anything more doable.

Deborah Clarke
Feb 6, 2023
3 min read
Making Monday Feel More Doable

Mondays have a reputation of being dreaded by many. We often wake up on Monday morning feeling like we ‘have to’ do so many things, when in reality that isn’t true at all.

The truth is, there are lots of things that bring us joy and excitement, if we just take the time to think about them differently.

Let’s explore how you can make Monday feel more doable by changing just one word.

The Power of Words

Our thoughts and words have power over our actions and how we feel about those actions.

For example, if I say to myself “I have to work today” it may evoke feelings of dread and resistance because I am framing my day as an obligation instead of something that brings me joy or fulfillment.

However, if I change my thought process and reframe my thoughts by saying

“I get to work today!”

it changes the tone completely.

Instead of thinking about something as an obligation, it becomes an opportunity or a privilege.

The Power of Perspective

It is easy to forget that our lives are full of little privileges all around us every single day! When you think about your list of things you need to do from this perspective, what kind of difference does it make?

Maybe instead of focusing on needing to mow the lawn or clean the dishes, you can recognize the privilege you have in having a yard or access to food and running water in the first place!

It makes mundane tasks seem not so bad anymore when you consider them in this light.

Living with Gratitude

When life starts feeling overwhelming due to stressors such as work obligations, family responsibilities, or even financial worries, taking a step back and living with gratitude can be helpful.

Remember that every single person has challenges they face each day; some challenges may be bigger than others but simply recognizing that everyone is fighting their own battles can put life into perspective for us all.

So next time when you catch yourself complaining about having too much on your plate, try switching up your language by saying “I get to handle this today!” It will help reset your mindset for the better and give you hope for the future!

Give it a Try!  

Change that one word 'have to' to 'get to'

Mondays don't have to be dreaded; they can be looked at as opportunities for growth and success!

With just a few simple shifts in attitude—such as reframing our thoughts with empowering words—we can start making Mondays feel more doable.

Give it a try today, change just that one word "have to" to "get to" and see how it changes your thinking.

Everyone has their own unique set of challenges they face each day; however understanding that everyone has their own struggles helps put life into perspective which instills gratitude within ourselves for what we do get to experience each day!

So let's start this Monday off right - let's DO this!

Have a great week!

Your FavReviews Team

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Good Morning Monday Images for 2023
As we share these Good Morning Monday Images throughout the year, use them as our encouragement and inspiration to get outdoors and enjoy the scenery with your eyes, wherever you are.

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