Good Morning Monday!

In today's Good Morning Monday thoughts, I explain how I've replaced new years resolutions with an inspiration keyword and how easily you can too. You have 12 new chapters to write and 365 chances to make a difference every day in your own life.

Deborah Clarke
Jan 9, 2023
7 min read
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Good Morning Monday! | 12 New Chapters | 365 Chances | FavReviews.com

Well hello Monday ... again.

Is it just me or do Monday's seem to come faster and faster as the years pass on?

The last thing I want to do in these weekly "Good Morning Monday" posts is to be preachy ... but at the risk of doing that just this once, I want to post about my view of new years resolutions. If it saves just one person from making them, then I may save just one person from carrying the burden of not completing them.

Did I really just say that? I've been the 'goal setting' girl for most of my life (since about age 12, yes really). But I stopped making new years resolutions a few years ago.

In today's Good Morning Monday thoughts, I explain how I've replaced new years resolutions with an inspiration keyword and how easily you can too!

It's a new year, you have 12 new chapters to write and 365 chances to make yourself and other people happy. You make a difference every day in your own life - enjoy!

Yes, It's Monday - Let's do this!


How I Replaced New Years Resolutions with an Inspiration Keyword

New Years resolutions are tough.

In most cases new years resolutions are a perfect recipe to set you up for failure. Not much research or thought goes into determining how you will keep your resolution … everything you talk about feels new and fresh and exciting in January (like the idea of going to the gym) but by February the floor space at the gym opens up significantly. It’s kind of an inside joke with regular gym goers …

Replace Your News Years Resolution With …

When looking for something to keep me inspired throughout the year, and to replace a ‘new years resolution’, I came up with the idea of having an INSPIRATION KEYWORD. A single word (or two) that would bring me back to center as soon as I thought about it … a focus for my year.

Inspiration Keywords

Why do inspiration keywords work? Well, at you turn the page into a fresh new year, it’s the perfect time to think about what will make you happy in the coming year. I don’t try to overthink the word, the easier it comes to you the better. You want it to be a word to inspire you throughout the year when you think about it. A word that will allow you to refocus, when you get challenged throughout the year. A word to help you celebrate and be grateful as you progress on your path in the coming year.

Let Me Explain Further How it Has Helped Me

It was the year I retired from my corporate career, that I decided to set a ‘inspiration keyword’ for myself. It was 2014, just as I was jumping back into my life as an entrepreneur. It was a major transition time in my life, a time when my career was no longer the rudder steering the ship … now I had full control to determine ‘what would be next’.

Starting this next chapter in my life, I realized I could (should) take time to look after ‘me’. I had run out of excuses not to be looking after myself. My career was no longer in control, I was in control.

In hindsight, a person might think ‘wow’ her career had that much power over her. And my response would be ‘yes it did’. While I maintained balance was super important to me, and making memories with my family has always been key to me… my career had a strong hold on how my hours, days, weeks, months and years were being spent.

Since retirement, it has been quite a journey. Lots of change (physically and mentally), challenges, not a direct straight line to success by any means … but an extremely rewarding journey through what is becoming a very successful chapter of my life.

Here is a list of the keywords I’ve used over the past ten years!

Inspiration Keywords

Each represents a time and place that I was personally and in my career/business. Can you see how each might have influenced my decision making throughout the year?

  • 2014 was “Explore”
  • 2015 was “Clarity”
  • 2016 was “Simplicity”
  • 2017 was “Gratitude”
  • 2018 was “Faith”
  • 2019 was “Build” … moved, built a new house, started a new business
  • 2020 was “Remarkable” (covid hit March 2020)
  • 2021 was “Routine” (covid continues)
  • 2022 was “Breakthrough and Joy”
  • 2023 is “Rewards and Relaxed”
  • 2024 is "Renaissance"

Now in 2024 … my keyword is “Renaissance”. It’s going to be a renaissance kind of year. A year and empowerment, to revive and surpass ideas and achievements of recent past. A year to accept, enjoy and expect great things through change.

With the rapid growth of AI in our world, it may just be a renaissance kind of year for everyone in my field of work online. Every day, as I review these affirmations and my inspiration keyword, a smile will come across my face as I'm reminded to embrace the changes expected throughout this year.

What Will YOU Choose As Your Inspiration Word for this year?

An inspiration keyword is a word that instantly reminds you of your goals, aspirations, and objectives for the coming year. Choose a word that makes you feel happy, accomplished and on track for 12 Great Chapters and 365 Chances to be Uniquely YOU ... every time you think of it.

What Should I Do With This Inspiration Word?

Keep them Private or Display them Prominently, it's up to you.

My recommendation, display your inspiration word(s) for the year in a prominent place so you see it often to remember it. Places like your bathroom mirror, or on a note beside your bed. Or in your daily journal if you write one. Buy a decal for a wall, or hang a sign in the kitchen. Whatever word you choose should make you feel happy.

I've chosen to make a screen saver for my desktop. I'm on my computer most days and I see my inspiration words daily. I've also added some affirmations that are important to me, starting with "Why is it I Love ... "; and I've added my business anniversary dates as a reminder of what I've accomplished with them.

I hope you are able to set an inspiration word to guide you through this year.

With much gratitude and joy,


Deborah Clarke, Founder, FavReviews.com

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