10 Chic Cabinet Colors That Will Make Your Tuscan Stainless Steel Appliances Pop

Discover the perfect cabinet paint colors to accentuate your Samsung Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances and create a kitchen that exudes warmth and elegance.

Deborah Clarke
Mar 20, 2024
10 min read
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White kitchen cabinets with Samsung Tuscan Stainless Steel color appliances

When it comes to creating a harmonious kitchen aesthetic, the right cabinet colors can make all the difference, especially when paired with the warm, sophisticated hue of Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances. This unique finish, with its deep bronze tone, calls for a palette that complements its rich and elegant vibe. If you're looking to create a kitchen space that's both trendy and timeless, here are ten cabinet colors that will elevate your kitchen's style quotient to the next level.

Classic White

Nothing says clean and classic like white cabinets. They offer a crisp contrast to the darker tones of Tuscan Stainless Steel, making your appliances stand out as the kitchen's focal point.

We used "Simply White" for our walls and cabinets. Simply White OC-117 | Benjamin Moore says the editor of FAV Reviews. The contrast is stunning, your kitchen will look bright and more spacious. We were going for a coastal look and it's worked out beautifully. It will seem like you've stepped into a magazine every time you walk into the kitchen.

Benjamin Moores "Simply White" paint color

FAV Insights:

  • White cabinets reflect more light, making your kitchen appear larger and more inviting.
  • They offer a neutral backdrop, allowing you to play with different accent colors in your kitchen decor.

Don't be afraid to choose classic white cabinets to go with your new Tuscan Stainless Steel fridge.

Soft Gray

Soft gray cabinets are the epitome of sophistication. They blend seamlessly with the warm undertones of Tuscan Stainless Steel, creating a cohesive and modern look.

Vapour Trails #1556 by Benjamin Moore offers a subtle silver hue with a cool cast.

Benjamin Moore's Vapor Trails, soft grey paint color

FAV Insights:

  • Gray cabinets provide a subtle contrast that is both contemporary and timeless.
  • This color is versatile and pairs well with a variety of countertop and backsplash options.

Soft gray cabinets complement Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances perfectly, giving the space a modern yet warm feel. Plus, it's a color to hide smudges and fingerprints much better than white cabinets.

Warm Cream

For a softer alternative to white, warm cream cabinets can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that enhances the bronze tones of Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances.

Try Gentle Cream # OC-96 by Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream paint color

FAV Insights:

  • Cream cabinets add warmth to your kitchen without overpowering the space.
  • They work well with both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.

Warm cream cabinets in the kitchen will be a dream come true for many. It's a color to match your Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances beautifully and will make the whole room feel like a warm hug.

Bold and beautiful, navy blue cabinets can anchor your kitchen space and provide a dramatic backdrop for your Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances.

Try Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, HC-154 for a dramatic look.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy paint color

FAV Insights:

  • Navy blue is a timeless color that adds depth and elegance to any kitchen.
  • It pairs well with metallic accents, such as brass or copper, enhancing the Tuscan Stainless Steel's warm tones.

Most people don't think of going with something as bold as navy blue cabinets, but wow, will they make your Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances pop! Your kitchen will feel luxurious, and everyone who sees it will be impressed.

Sage Green

Sage green cabinets bring a touch of nature into your kitchen, creating a serene and balanced environment that complements the earthy vibe of Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances.

Consider Benjamin Moore's Saybrook Sage - HC-114 a soothing aloe hue cooled with a splash of gray.

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage paint color

FAV Insights:

  • Sage green is a calming color that works well with natural materials like wood and stone.
  • It's an excellent choice for creating a rustic or farmhouse-style kitchen.

 Sage green cabinets are the perfect match for Samsung's Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances. The color is so calming, it will bring a sense of the outdoors into your home. It could be exactly the vibe you're going for!


If you're looking for a color that's both bold and neutral, charcoal cabinets are the way to go. They provide a striking contrast to Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances without being too overpowering.

Try bold Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore - HC-166 with its rich, varied undertones, this dark neutral works beautifully with a wide spectrum of colors.

Benjamin Moore Kendal Charcoal paint color

FAV Insights:

  • Charcoal cabinets offer a contemporary look that's both chic and practical.
  • They hide wear and tear better than lighter colors, making them ideal for busy kitchens.:

Choose charcoal cabinets for your kitchen remodel. They will look fantastic with Samsung Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances. Then get ready for the compliments to come pouring in. You'll love the color for hiding messes too.


Espresso cabinets are rich and luxurious, echoing the depth of color found in Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances. This combination creates a cohesive and upscale look.

 Try Benjamin Moore's Espresso Bean, CSP-30, it's a "luxe, dark-roasted brown that envelops and energizes your space." according to Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Espresso Paint Color

FAV Insights:

  • Espresso cabinets are perfect for creating a warm, inviting kitchen atmosphere.
  • They pair well with a variety of backsplash and countertop choices, from light marbles to dark granites.

Espresso cabinets in your kitchen are a total game-changer. They will make your Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances look even more high-end. You'll feel like you're cooking in a gourmet kitchen every day!


Taupe cabinets strike the perfect balance between warm and cool tones, providing a neutral canvas that allows your Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances to shine.

Benjamin Moore has a Smokey Taupe, 983 that is a perfect blend in the neutral canvas of beige and grey.

Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe paint color

FAV Insights:

  • Taupe is a versatile color that can adapt to different lighting conditions, looking warmer or cooler depending on the time of day.
  • It's an excellent choice for those who prefer a subtle color palette that still offers some contrast.

 You'll be happy if you go with taupe cabinets for your kitchen. It's the perfect color to complement to Samsung's Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances. It has a chameleon-like quality that's just fascinating. Your kitchen will feel so very elegant.

Antique White

Antique white cabinets offer a hint of nostalgia and charm, working beautifully with Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances to create a timeless kitchen design.

Benjamin Moore's Antique White, 909 has a dose of peach that gives a flattering off-white a vintage look.

Benjamin Moore Antique White paint color

FAV Insights:

  • Antique white adds character to your kitchen, especially when paired with detailed cabinet hardware.
  • It's a great color for highlighting the craftsmanship of cabinetry and creating a sense of history.

Antique white cabinets in your kitchen will add character and will go perfectly with your Samsung Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances. It will feel like they were made for each other!

Midnight Black

For the ultimate statement, midnight black cabinets provide a sleek and modern contrast to the warm tones of Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances, creating a kitchen that exudes luxury and sophistication.

Benjamin Moore's Midnight, 2131-20 has a trace of green that comes through in this decadent shade of black.

Benjamin Moore Midnight Black paint color

FAV Insights:

  • Black cabinets are bold and make a strong visual impact in any kitchen.
  • They're perfect for those who want to create a high-contrast look that's both modern and elegant.

You may be hesitant to choose black cabinets, but once you see them with your Samsung Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances, you'll be blown away. Midnight black cabinets will make your kitchen looks chic and modern— it will be like walking into a high-end restaurant every day!

Transform Your Kitchen Into a Warm, Inviting Space with Color

Choosing the right cabinet paint colors to complement your Samsung Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances can transform your kitchen into a warm, inviting, and cohesive space.

Whether you opt for the earthy tones of taupe and beige, the rich depth of dark wood stains, or the bold contrast of crisp whites and cool grays, the key is to create a harmonious balance that enhances the unique bronze undertones of your appliances.

By selecting the perfect shade, you not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen but also create a welcoming atmosphere that reflects your personal style.

So, which hue will you choose to bring out the best in your Samsung Tuscan Stainless Steel appliances and make your kitchen the heart of your home?

Happiness starts in the Heart of Your Home - the Kitchen!

Your FAV Reviews Team

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