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Top Headboard Pillow Wedge for Twin, Full, Queen, and King Bed Sizes – What to Consider Before You Buy One

Discover the best headboard pillow wedges for Twin, Queen, and King beds. Learn what to consider before buying for ultimate comfort and support.

Deborah Clarke
Mar 31, 2024
15 min read
Lakeside Home and Garden
Man sleeping with headboard pillow wedge, glasses tucked securely in side pocket.

Are you tired of losing pillows, books, and remote controls in the abyss between your headboard and mattress?

Tired of losing your pillow and other items between your headboard and mattress?

Or perhaps you're seeking relief from health issues like acid reflux or need extra support post-surgery?

Maybe you simply yearn for a more comfortable way to read in bed before drifting off to dreamland.

The right headboard wedge pillow can transform your bed into a haven of comfort, support, and convenience.

Here are some of the Key Benefits of Having a Headboard Wedge Pillow

Imagine transforming your bed into an oasis of comfort, support, and wellness. These innovative pillows are not just about bridging the annoying gap between your mattress and headboard (although they are perfect for this); they're about elevating your sleep and relaxation experience to new heights.

Let's explore the myriad of benefits that a headboard wedge pillow brings to your life.

Enhances Comfort for Reading and Watching TV

Woman reading in bed with headboard pillow support.
Read or watch TV comfortably, with lots of support, before you drift off to sleep.

Gone are the days of stacking pillows in a precarious attempt in order to find a comfortable position for reading or binge-watching your favorite series. A headboard wedge pillow provides a stable and supportive incline, ensuring you can enjoy your leisure activities in bed without the hassle.

  • Perfect angle for preventing neck and shoulder strain.
  • Stays in place without constant readjusting.

You'll love winding down with a book in bed, with this wedge pillow making it so much more enjoyable. They are made just the right angle, you'll find them incredibly comfortable.

Prevents Pillows and Small Items from Falling Behind the Bed

Close the gap between your mattress and bed, many size options to choose from.
Use a Headboard Pillow Wedge to close the gap between your mattress and bed.

The struggle of retrieving lost pillows, remote controls, and phones from behind the bed is all too real. A headboard wedge pillow effectively closes the rest of the gap, ensuring everything stays within reach.

  • Saves time and frustration by keeping essentials handy.
  • Helps maintain a cleaner and more organized bedroom.

I know we said it's not the only reason, but it is a good reason to want one a headboard wedge pillow. No more fishing for your phone or remote from behind the bed. A wedge headboard pillow is a simple solution that's made a big difference.

Offers Therapeutic Benefits for Health Issues

For those suffering from acid reflux, snoring, or recovering from surgery, a headboard wedge pillow can provide significant relief. No more fussing with multiple pillows trying to get the right angle for comfort. By elevating the upper body, a wedge pillow helps to reduce symptoms and will promote a more restful sleep.

  • Improves digestion and reduces acid reflux episodes.
  • Aids in reducing snoring by improving breathing pathways.
  • Supports proper posture for post-op recovery.

"My acid reflux was making it impossible to get a good night's sleep. But it wasn't until I had ear surgery (a stapedectomy) that I broke down and got myself a wedge pillow. Not only has my surgery recovery been easier, I haven't experienced acid reflux in bed since I started using it. I'm getting a full 7-8 hours a night sleep, which is exactly what I needed for this post op recovery. This new wedge pillow has been a game changer. Why did I wait so long?" D. Clarke

Supports Proper Spinal Alignment

Maintaining a healthy spine is crucial for overall wellness. A headboard wedge pillow encourages proper spinal alignment, reducing the risk of back and neck pain.

  • Promotes a neutral spine position.
  • Helps alleviate pressure points for side and back sleepers.

If you've struggled with back pain a wedge pillow will help alleviate much of that discomfort. It's amazing what the right support can do for you.

Versatile and Adaptable to Your Needs

Whether you're sitting up in bed, sleeping, or simply lounging, a headboard wedge pillow can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. Its versatility makes it an indispensable addition to any bedroom.

  • Suitable for a wide range of activities and sleeping positions.
  • Easily adjustable for personalized comfort.

You'll use your wedge pillow for everything—sleeping, reading, even as a laptop stand while in bed. They are incredibly versatile and always comfortable to lay on.

Enjoy the Lifestyle Upgrade with a Headboard Wedge Pillow

Elevate the luxury of your bedroom and enjoy a better sleep at the same time.

Incorporating a headboard wedge pillow into your bedroom setup is more than just a luxury; it's a lifestyle upgrade. From enhancing your comfort during leisure activities to offering therapeutic benefits and ensuring a cleaner, more organized space, the advantages are undeniable.

Say goodbye to makeshift pillow forts and hello to effortless comfort and support. With a headboard wedge pillow, your bed becomes more than just a place to sleep—it becomes a sanctuary for relaxation and wellness.

How We Choose the Best Headboard Wedge Pillow

Selecting the perfect headboard wedge pillow can be daunting with the myriad of options available. That's why we've done the legwork for you, reading a myriad of reviews, making comparisons and compiling a list of the best Amazon best sellers tailored to fit twin, queen, and king-sized beds.

We genuinely hope that among the carefully curated selection below, you'll discover an item that you'll absolutely love.

Each product has been thoughtfully chosen by our editorial team, and we stand by our recommendations, only suggesting products we'd confidently incorporate into our own families—some of which we already do!

You can feel confident taking the leap and make your purchase through our links! By doing so, you're not only securing the product you need, but you're also fueling our mission to deliver top-notch content. Every small commission we earn is reinvested into empowering you with clear, concise reviews and guides.

Your decision-making is about to get a whole lot easier, and it's all thanks to your support. Let's continue this journey together, making informed choices every step of the way!

Whether you're looking to bridge that frustrating mattress gap, elevate your health, or enhance your bedtime reading ritual, we've got you covered.

Let's dive into the top picks for each bed size!

Unlock Ultimate Comfort: The Best Headboard Pillow Wedges for Every Bed Size

Are you tired of the gap between your bed and headboard swallowing your pillows every night? Or maybe you're just looking for that extra bit of cozy comfort to support your back while you dive into your favorite book or binge-watch the latest series. Look no further! We've scoured the market to bring you the top headboard pillow wedges for every bed size, ensuring your comfort is never compromised again.

Let's dive into the world of unparalleled comfort and style with these must-have headboard pillow wedges, tailored to fit twin, full, queen, and king-sized beds perfectly.

We are featuring one size per manufacturer, but in most cases each of these manufacturers offer all headboard sizes, twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes.

Twin Size:

Vekkia Twin Bed Wedge Pillow for Headboard at Good Price

The Vekkia Twin Bed Wedge is a game-changer for those with a twin bed, offering both comfort and functionality in a sleek design.

Twin headboard pillow wedge by Vekkia

FAV Features:

This Vikkea twin wedge pillow boasts a high-density memory foam that contours to your body, providing exceptional back and neck support. The breathable, soft cover ensures a cool and comfortable night's sleep.

  • Pros: It's versatile, serving not just as a headboard gap filler but also as a supportive backrest for reading or watching TV. The cover is removable and machine washable, making maintenance a breeze.
  • Cons: Some users may find it firmer than expected, which could take a bit of getting used to.

Customer Review:

"I've struggled with finding the right support for my twin bed until I stumbled upon the Vekkia Wedge Pillow. It's been a revelation for my reading nights - no more sore backs! Plus, it stays fresh thanks to the washable cover. Highly recommend!"

Full Size:

WOWMAX Large Bolster Triangular Headboard Pillow

The WOWMAX Triangular Pillow transforms any full-size bed into a luxurious lounging area, combining style and utility. We wanted to show something less traditional in a headboard pillow wedge. The WOWMAX headboard pillow adds a touch of luxury to any size of bed.

Wowmax triangular shaped pillow for your headboard - available in multiple colors

FAV Features:

The WowMax pillow's standout feature is its luxurious triangular shape. We choose this headboard pillow because it's different than traditional wedges, providing a stylish edge to your bedroom decor while still offering ample back support especially if you like to sit up and read in bed. You can also use this headboard pillow different ways, depending on your needs for support.

The high-quality polyester filling retains its shape over time.

WOWMAX headboard pillow can be used in several positions to different uses.
The WOWMAX headboard pillow is easy to adjust to your different support needs.
  • Pros: It's not only a functional headboard gap filler but also adds an aesthetic touch to your bedroom. The variety of colors available allows it to blend seamlessly with any interior design. It provides a variety of positions to give you support as you need it.
  • Cons: The cover is not removable, which might make cleaning more challenging.

Customer Review:

"The WOWMAX pillow has completely transformed my bed into a cozy haven. It's perfect for my back while I work on my laptop in bed, and it looks fantastic. The only downside is cleaning it, but it's a small price for such comfort and style."

Queen Size Bed:

Kolbs Modern Velvet Wedge Pillow for Headboard Gap Good Quality

Elevate your queen-sized bed with the Kolbs Modern Velvet Wedge Pillow, where luxury meets functionality.

KOLB Queen Size Headboard Pillow Wedge - also available in Twin, Full, and King sizes
KOLB Queen Size Headboard Pillow Wedge - also available in Twin, Full, and King sizes

FAV Features:

The luxurious velvet material not only feels incredible but also adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal support for your back and shoulders.

Modern Quilted Velvet removable cover.
Modern quilted velvet removable cover.

Read more extensive review about the Kolb Wedge Pillows for acid reflux here.

  • Pros: This pillow is not just about looks; it's incredibly supportive and comfortable, making it perfect for reading or relaxing in bed. The velvet cover is soft to the touch and adds a premium feel to your bed.
  • Cons: The velvet material may require more careful cleaning to maintain its plush texture and appearance.

Customer Review:

"I never knew a pillow could make such a difference! The Kolbs Velvet Wedge is both a feast for the eyes and a sanctuary for my back. It's like leaning on a cloud. Yes, cleaning it needs a bit more care, but it's worth it for the luxury feel."

King Size:

Homemate King Size Bed Wedge Pillow for Headboard with Easy Air Dry Cover

For those with a king-sized bed, the Homemate Bed Wedge Pillow offers unmatched comfort and a perfect fit.

FAV Features:

This king sized headboard pillow wedge has impressive dimensions to ensure that it spans the entire width of a king-sized bed, providing consistent support. The high-resilience foam adapts to your body, ensuring comfort all night long.

  • Pros: This wedge pillow is ideal for those looking to fill the headboard gap and seek additional support for activities like reading in bed. Its breathable fabric cover enhances comfort by keeping you cool.
  • Cons: Due to its size, it might be a bit cumbersome to move or adjust once set in place.

Customer Review:

"Finally, a pillow that fits my king bed perfectly! The Homemate Wedge has been a game-changer for my nighttime routine. It's so comfortable and supportive, making reading in bed a joy. It's a bit heavy to move, but that's a small trade-off for the comfort it provides."

Transform Your Bed into a Sanctuary of Comfort and Wellness

Choosing the right headboard wedge pillow can make all the difference in transforming your bed into a sanctuary of comfort and wellness.

Whether you're dealing with a pesky mattress gap, seeking relief from health issues, or simply want to enjoy your bedtime reading in comfort, there's an option tailored to your needs.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to blissful, supported relaxation with these top picks for twin, queen, and king-sized beds.

In conclusion, the headboard wedge pillow emerges as a versatile and essential addition to any bedroom, catering to the needs of those with Twin, Queen, and King size beds alike. Its unique design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bed but also provides unparalleled support and comfort whether you're sleeping, reading, or just relaxing. The quality of these pillows, coupled with their good price point, makes them an investment worth considering for anyone looking to elevate their sleep experience or simply add a touch of luxury to their bedroom setup.

The ability to air dry the cover ensures easy maintenance, while the high-quality materials used in the construction of these pillows guarantee longevity and durability. Whether placed against the headboard for added support while you sleep or used as a backrest on a sofa, the wedge pillow adapts to your needs, providing comfort and support where it's most needed. The inclusion of pockets in some models is a thoughtful addition, offering a convenient place to store your phone, remote, or book.

Purchasing from reputable sellers ensures that you receive a product that matches the description and images shown, with options available for shipping across Canada, the United States, and even Europe. The ease of washing and the option to wash and air dry the cover without worrying about damage or shrinkage adds to the appeal, making it a practical choice for everyday use.

For those concerned about getting the right size and fit for their bed, the availability of these pillows in Twin, Queen, and King sizes ensures that there's a perfect match for every bed. The good quality of these pillows, combined with their reasonable price, makes them a value-for-money purchase item that can significantly enhance your comfort and quality of sleep.

Whether you're looking to improve your sleep, make your reading sessions more comfortable, or simply add an element of style to your bedroom, the headboard wedge pillow is a choice that promises not to disappoint. With its blend of functionality, comfort, and style, it's a product that truly stands out in the market, offering a simple yet effective solution to common bedroom dilemmas.

Go ahead, make your purchase - you'll wonder how you ever lived without your headboard pillow wedge.

Happy Shopping!

Your FAV Reviews Team

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wedge Pillows

Navigating the world of headboard wedge pillows can be a bit like finding the perfect spot to rest in a vast sea of comfort options. Whether you're looking to upgrade your sleep setup or just curious about what makes these pillows a must-have, we've got you covered. Here are the top 5 FAQs about headboard wedge pillows for Twin, King, and Queen sized beds, answered to help you make an informed decision.

What size headboard wedge pillow should I get for my bed?

The size of the headboard wedge pillow you should get largely depends on the size of your bed. For a Twin bed, look for a pillow that's approximately 39 inches wide to match the width of your bed. For a Queen bed, which is typically 60 inches wide, you'll want a pillow that's close to this width for full support. Similarly, for a King-sized bed, aim for a pillow that's around 76 inches wide to ensure it spans the entire width of the bed. Remember, the goal is to have a pillow that supports you comfortably without any gaps.

Can I use a headboard wedge pillow for purposes other than sleep?

Absolutely! Headboard wedge pillows are incredibly versatile. Apart from providing support and comfort during sleep, they're perfect for propping you up for reading, watching TV, or even working on your laptop in bed. Their ergonomic design helps maintain proper posture, reducing strain on your back and neck. So, whether it's a lazy Sunday or a work-from-home day, your headboard wedge pillow has got your back (and neck).

How do I clean my headboard wedge pillow?

Most headboard wedge pillows come with a removable cover that can be easily washed. Check the care label for specific instructions, but generally, these covers can be machine washed on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and air-dried or tumble dried on low heat. For the foam part, spot cleaning with a mild detergent and letting it air dry is usually recommended. Always ensure the pillow is completely dry before using it again to prevent any dampness-related issues.

Are headboard wedge pillows suitable for all sleep positions?

Headboard wedge pillows are designed to provide support and comfort for a variety of sleep positions. They are particularly beneficial for back and side sleepers, as they help maintain the natural alignment of the spine. Stomach sleepers might also find them useful when placed under the hips to alleviate lower back strain. However, personal comfort and preference play a significant role, so it's worth trying out different positions to see what works best for you.

Where can I buy a headboard wedge pillow, and what should I look for?

Headboard wedge pillows are available at most home goods stores, online marketplaces, and directly from manufacturers' websites. When shopping for one, consider the size (to match your bed), the material (for comfort and durability), and any additional features like removable covers or built-in pockets for convenience. Reading customer reviews can also be helpful and provide valuable insights into the quality and comfort level of the pillow.

Armed with these answers, you're now ready to dive into the world of headboard wedge pillows and discover the perfect blend of comfort, support, and style for your bedroom. Whether it's for sleep, relaxation, or a bit of both, a headboard wedge pillow is a versatile addition to any Twin, King, or Queen sized bed setup.

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