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Kayak Grip Tape vs Pre-formed Grips: What You Need to Know

Explore our lakes and rivers in a kayak. But if spending more than an hour in your kayak, you'll want to have good grips for comfort and control.

Deborah Clarke
Nov 24, 2022
3 min read
Kayaking into the Sunset | Kayak grip tape review | by FavReviews.com

Kayaking is a popular water sport and one of the best ways to explore lakes, rivers, and other waterways. But if you plan on spending more than an hour in your kayak, you'll want to have the proper grip for maximum comfort and control.

These are some of the reasons we think all kayakers should consider investing in a kayak grip tape instead of using pre-formed grips.

Grip Tape vs Pre-Formed Grips: Which is Better?

When it comes to kayaking, grip tape and pre-formed grips are two different types of grips that aid in providing comfort and control while paddling.

Pre-formed grips are often made from rubber or foam material and can be attached directly to the shaft of the paddle with adhesive. They are easy to install, but they lack flexibility when it comes to customizing your grip for your specific needs.

On the other hand, kayak grip tape offers a more customizable option because it can be applied directly onto the shaft of the paddle in whatever shape or size is needed for optimal comfort and control. Plus, since it is made from a durable vinyl or plastic material (choose bio-degradable option), it won’t wear down easily as some pre-formed grips do and it won't be filling a landfill.

Kayak Paddle Grip Tape vs Pre-Formed Kayak Paddle Grips

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Benefits of Using Kayak Grip Tape

Kayak Grip Tape offers several benefits compared to pre-formed grips.

First, it allows you to customize your grip so that it fits perfectly in your hand and provides ultimate comfort while paddling long distances or performing challenging manoeuvres on the water.

Additionally, Kayak Grip Tape is much easier to apply than pre-formed grips because all you need is a simple pair of scissors to cut around any bumps or curves on your shaft before applying it directly onto your paddle handle.

Plus, due to its durability, this type of grip tape also lasts longer than pre-formed grips which tend to wear down quickly after extended use.

But most important to us, is the brands of grip tapes that are made with recyclable plastic, that is not only soft & lightweight, flexible and super-strong.   It's an impact-resistant high-density polyethylene plastic whose grip is superior to rubber & latex AND unlike most other plastics & adhesive materials, is recyclable & doesn’t end up in landfills.  

So Is Kayak Grip Tape Really Worth It?

For those looking for an easy way to improve their kayaking experience without breaking the bank – Kayak Grip Tape is definitely worth considering!

Not only does it allow you customize your grip for a comfortable fit that won’t slip during use; but also its durable vinyl construction ensures that your new grip will stay securely in place even after extended use in tough conditions!

So if you’re looking for an affordable way upgrade your experience on the water – give kayak grip tape a try today!

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