Work from Home No Phone Calls with AMBSDR: A Closer Look at the Brand Ambassador Certificate Program, Time to Invest in Yourself

Explore AMBSDR: a comprehensive program for aspiring brand ambassadors seeking a work-from-home opportunity!

Deborah Clarke
Nov 4, 2023
14 min read
Brand Ambassador
Work from Home No Phone | Daughter hugging mom while she works on laptop

Are you tired of searching for the perfect work-from-home opportunity that doesn’t involve endless phone calls? Are all of the entry level work from home jobs just phone jobs?

Look no further!

Introducing AMBSDR, a private network offering a certification program for brand ambassadors, focusing on online earning, personal branding, and marketing strategies with the advantage of “work from home no phone” required.

In this review, we’ll take a deep dive into the program, its features, and discuss whether it’s worth the investment for those seeking time and financial freedom.

FAV Highlights

  • Discover the power of the AMBSDR brand ambassador certificate program and gain financial freedom from home.
  • Get access to comprehensive training materials, expert guidance, real-life application with 'over the shoulder' lessons and AI tools with AMBSDR.
  • Benefit from weekly livestreams with a family-oriented coach, contests & Q&A meetings for an invaluable investment in your career!

Work From Home: Introduction to AMBSDR

Work from home no phones | Mother working on laptop with daughter hugging her
Work from home no phones

Imagine a world where you can work from home without being tied to a phone all day.

I love it! I love the freedom to work the hours I want to work, without being tied to appointments, meetings, or the phone. Without having to report to anyone else but myself. I determine my full job description, all by myself.

After spending most of my career on the phone, setting up events, appointments and meetings, I was certain when looking for my next venture, working from home, I didn't want to take on any work that required me spending most of my time on the phone, or travelling, or in meetings.

That’s precisely what AMBSDR offers with their (non phone) work in the form of remote job opportunities. This exciting private network provides a certification program for brand ambassadors, helping them develop their online earning, personal branding, and marketing strategies without the need for making or taking phone calls.

Whether you’re a freelance graphic designer crafting logos and websites, a writer creating engaging content, or someone looking to make money building a brand review blog, AMBSDR has something for everyone. The AMBSDR program equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a successful brand ambassador, even without prior online, writing or customer service experience. We put these claims to the test to see if AMBSDR delivers on its promises. We've been studying and growing with them for over a year now and we would do it all over again, in a heartbeat!

We trust that you'll find your next work from home opportunity based on what we've researched for you below. Know that we won't recommend something we wouldn't use in our own family. In this case, the editor and founder of FAVReviews has been learning from the AMBSDR program for over a year. We typically write about products and services we already use! As with all of our reviews, we may receive a small compensation if you decide to buy something (that's how we keep the lights on). Some reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Have fun searching for your next fav work from home opportunity! We're happy you're here.

The program targets individuals seeking time and financial freedom (like you, and me) and those interested in becoming successful brand ambassadors online. It aims to help members effectively learn how to promote brands that will be found organically online, all while working from the comfort of their home.

Who is it for?

Man working on computer in his home office no phone
AMBSDR is perfect for individuals seeking time and financial freedom

AMBSDR is perfect for individuals seeking time and financial freedom, and those interested in becoming successful brand ambassadors online. The program offers the chance to work from home in a non-phone job, with the freedom to choose your own hours and the potential to earn extra money through home jobs.

The program provides members with the necessary skills and knowledge to create and manage their own blog to review brands and products they love. You'll learn how to research the best products to review as a brand ambassador. You'll learn how to write reviews that brands need to have online so customers can find them organically in their searches for products - all of which are essential for success as an online brand ambassador, a social media manager, or a virtual assistant. You'll learn online, by video and in person live stream learning, it's got nothing to do with phone jobs or non phone jobs.

Work from home jobs often involve data entry, phone jobs or or previous remote work experience. But not AMBSDR, no phone work from home is required, no inbound calls, let me repeat this is a non phone opportunity.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a beginner, AMBSDR can be the perfect program for you. By signing up, you’ll gain access to comprehensive training materials, a complete certification with additional tools, weekly zoom calls and ongoing resources that will help you develop the skills needed to build a successful brand ambassador business to thrive in this exciting and rewarding field.

Getting Started with AMBSDR

Starting your journey with AMBSDR is as simple as signing up for the program. Upon registration, you’ll unlock access to comprehensive training materials and resources, whether you’re a freelance writer or looking to explore other opportunities.

You feel you lack phone skills, no issue you don't need them. Lack online skills? That's how AMBSDR steps in to help!

AMBSDR equips its brand ambassador members with impressive materials and training including:

  • a complete foundation certification program
  • a recommended list of of tools, resources to grow your brand ambassador business
  • writing skills, content planning, how to write blogs that get found online
  • AI tools and training how to use them
  • weekly live stream sessions for members to stay at the cusp of what's new and what works
  • contests and awards

With these resources at your fingertips, you’ll be well-equipped to excel as a brand ambassador.

AMBSDR's Educational Structure

The educational structure of AMBSDR is designed to help members hone their skills and reach their goals, regardless of their current job duties. The program offers an exciting mix of video lessons, written content, and practical training. The AMBSDR platform itself is ground-breaking, revolutionary and provides a warm and welcoming environment for all newcomers wanting to become a brand ambassador.

AMBSDR’s educational structure features an array of captivating written content, videos and livestream lessons. The foundational AMBSDR certification will take you through the following steps:

Step 1 PLAN: You'll learn how to pick an industry to ensure your success

Step 2 RESEARCH: You'll learn how to tap into trends so you can talk about the hottest, newest things

Step 3 BUILD: You'll learn how to plan, set up and customize your blog so you have a solid foundation and look like a pro right from the start

Step 4 WRITE: You'll learn the latest techniques to write using the latest tools and techniques (including AI and other tools) to ensure your success

Step 5 PROMOTE: You'll learn how to promote your blog without spending money on ads

With the foundational training you'll receive from AMBSDR, you will learn everything you need to know to build your brand ambassador business from the ground up. After the certification when it's time to take your brand ambassador journey to the next level, AMBSDR training will take you there too.

But Wait! There is SO MUCH MORE ... the learning and support doesn't stop at the end of the certification program.

Regardless of your academic background, with or without a bachelor’s degree, with or without any post-secondary education, with or without any previous online training, you can learn with AMBSDR and create your own schedule.

The practical exercises in AMBSDR can provide you with invaluable hands-on experience and application of the concepts learned. This hands-on approach allows you to practice and refine your skills in a real-world setting.

Community Support in AMBSDR

One of the greatest advantages of joining AMBSDR is the supportive community you’ll become a part of. Members can:

  • Connect with others, learn from others
  • Share their experiences, including key learnings
  • Receive support throughout the program, learning never stops, whether you're writing content, learning about audio files, or editing videos, there is always more to learn
  • Help you stay on top of what's working and what's not

Upon completion of the certification, AMBSDR continues to foster your success by providing tools, a platform for continuous engagement, and sustained support from an amazing brand ambassador coach. This supportive environment ensures that you’ll never feel alone in your journey as a brand ambassador, and you’ll always have a wealth of resources and connections at your disposal.

Real-Life Application of AMBSDR Training

Write about what you love! Like we LOVE the outdoors!

The training provided by AMBSDR can be applied to building your own brand review business (blog, like or writing for existing brands. The goal of AMBSDR is helping members to effectively promote brands and earn a living. This comprehensive training and platform covers various aspects of brand ambassadorship, from creating engaging online content to building lasting relationships with client businesses.

Regardless of your previous job duties, the skills you acquire through AMBSDR’s training will be invaluable in your career in general going forward. Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn't going away. Regardless of the style of writing you've done in the past, or if you've worked in search engine optimization, or as a search engine evaluator, or any other field, the knowledge and experience gained through this program will help you excel and achieve success.

Applying the training and techniques imparted by AMBSDR enables members to adeptly promote brands, assist with knowledge to approach financial transactions with major brands, and foster enduring relationships with other resourceful members. This real-life application of the program’s teachings ensures that participants are well-equipped to thrive in their chosen field.

Assessing the Value of AMBSDR's Resources

Evaluating the value of AMBSDR’s resources requires us to take into account the exhaustive training, guidance from experts, and a searchable database of materials, collectively worth tens of thousands of dollars, offered by the program.

AMBSDR’s training resources encompass compelling interactive activities, invigorating discussions, and empowering action planning, all aimed at preparing Ambassadors to share information with their peers confidently. These resources are designed to equip members with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as brand ambassadors.

The searchable database of materials provided by AMBSDR covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Everything you need to know to become a brand ambassador online
  • How to build your own successful blog as a brand ambassador
  • How to become a content writer that uses keyword research with organic growth in mind
  • AI tools and resources for all major social media platforms
  • and so much more!

This wealth of information ensures that members have access to the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen field.

On the whole, the value of AMBSDR’s resources is evident, as they equip members with the comprehensive training and materials needed for outstanding performance as brand ambassadors.

Impact of Weekly Livestreams

Weekly LiveStreams with AMBSDR Founder Chris Luck
Weekly Livestreams with AMBSDR Founder Chris Luck

Weekly livestreams are a key aspect of the AMBSDR program, keeping members informed on the latest trends and providing them with additional learning opportunities. These livestreams are hosted by the AMBSDR founder himself, who shares openly his insights and expertise, helping members stay up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies in the world of brand ambassadorship.

These livestreams are an excellent way for members to learn from the best and stay ahead of the curve in their careers.

In addition to an expert's insight, the weekly livestreams of AMBSDR include the personal motivation, thrilling contests with cash prizes and informative Q&A segment to make them a recurring event you'll look forward to. These engaging and informative sessions provide members with ongoing motivation and the opportunity to learn, grow, and even potentially win some extra cash, making them a valuable part of the AMBSDR experience.

Is AMBSDR Worth It?

Given the exhaustive training, supportive community, and emphasis on time and financial freedom that the AMBSDR program offers, its value as a worthwhile investment is evident. The program offers:

  • An incredible opportunity to introduce your brand to a large number of potential customers
  • The ability to craft meaningful stories that resonate with consumers
  • The chance to build lasting relationships with clients

The financial success achieved by AMBSDR graduates speaks for itself. Many have gone on to:

  • build successful blogs reviewing brands they love
  • become influencers on YouTube, Tiktok
  • grow their businesses by writing for client brands focusing on organic growth

A comparison of AMBSDR’s cost with similar market programs is crucial for assessing its value for money. Speaking from experience over the past 10 years, we can tell you few programs offer this level of continuity beyond the foundation certification. It's foreseeable this could be the only online coaching and training you'll need going forward. With other programs easily costing $2500 - $8000 a year (and more), you'll be pleasantly surprised with the affordability of the AMBSDR program. Without a major up front cost, with the comprehensive training and resources provided by AMBSDR, the program appears to be well worth the investment.

AMBSDR: A Comprehensive Certification Program for Aspiring Brand Ambassadors Who Want to Work on Their Own Schedule

AMBSDR offers a comprehensive certification program for aspiring brand ambassadors, providing them with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to excel in the field. The program’s focus on time and financial freedom, supportive community, and weekly livestreams make it an attractive option for those seeking a non-phone work-from-home opportunity.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, AMBSDR is worth considering if you’re looking to embark on a rewarding career as a brand ambassador or growing a brand online. With its comprehensive training, expert advice, and access to a wealth of AI resources, AMBSDR is a valuable investment that can help you achieve your time and financial freedom goals.

Lastly, are we speaking from experience?

You bet we are, the editor is an active participant in the AMBSDR community. The blog review site you are visiting is a product of a graduate, and existing member of the AMBSDR certification program.

Like all good reference checkers, you're thinking ...

"If you were starting all over again, from the beginning, would you do it?"

My answer: "Absolutely yes! What I've learned I'm using every single day in my own business as a brand ambassador and in my writing for clients. The weekly livestream meetings with our coach are a standing even on my calendar, I don't like to miss them."

Join us!

Get More Information About the AMBSDR Program Here

Your Fav Reviews Team!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work from home without talking on the phone?

Becoming a brand ambassador online, by starting your own blog to review products and brands you love is a perfect example of a way you can work from home without talking on the phone. All that's required is a computer and an internet connection, plus a willingness to learn.

What company allows you to work from home?

Several companies offer some type of flex work from home jobs. But if you truly want freedom to work from home, to keep your own schedule perhaps you should consider freelance work from home jobs. Several companies like Fiverr, Upworks, 99Designs and many others allow you to set up profiles as a freelance writer or designer and work from home. There are also programs online, like AMBSDR, to teach you how to become a valued brand ambassador or brand content writer online.

What is the AMBSDR program?

AMBSDR is an opportunity for you to build a brand ambassador blog online to write reviews about products you love. You'll learn how to write content to help brands grow organically online, how to build your own personal brand, and develop marketing strategies; all through a private network. Take a closer look at their certification program today!

How do I get started with AMBSDR?

Start your journey with AMBSDR by signing up and unlocking access to valuable resources and training materials. Take advantage of the opportunities provided and launch your career!

What kind of community support does AMBSDR offer?

AMBSDR offers a supportive community to connect with others, share experiences and receive ongoing support.

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