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Sleep & Beyond and Others | Zero Waste Stores With One Goal Sustainable Living.

Sleep and Beyond is a company that embodies sustainable living and zero waste. With their focus on eco-friendly bedding and commitment to minimizing waste, they offer a range of products made from natural materials. Discover how Sleep and Beyond promotes a greener future.

By Jan E.M., Deborah Clarke,

Jun 12, 2023
19 min read
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Hey there! Welcome to our feature guide about a special company for anybody who cares about the Earth and a great night's sleep.

This company is Sleep and Beyond, a store with a Zero Waste Philosophy that is to be commended.  

Sleep & Beyond – the place where eco-friendly dreams come true and your sustainable slumber is just a pillow away!

Imagine a store that not only caters to your good night's sleep but also strives to protect our precious planet.

In this article, we'll take a sneak peek into the world of Sleep and Beyond, where environmental consciousness meets bedtime bliss. From innovative zero waste products and processes, to tips on embracing a greener lifestyle, we've got you covered.

So, fluff up your pillows and get ready to embark on a journey that will leave both you and Mother Earth sleeping soundly.  A story about a company with the goal of being a zero waste store.

Sweet, sustainable dreams await!

How Sleep & Beyond Makes Sustainable Bedding  and Their Zero Waste Lifestyle

Sleep and Beyond makes sustainable bedding by using natural resources efficiently, ensuring their products are free from toxic chemicals, repurposing excess fabric rolls for packaging, recycling materials, and using eco-friendly printing techniques.

They also package products in reusable cotton bags and prioritize reducing greenhouse gas emissions and production waste.

As we researched the products available from Sleep and Beyond we were so pleased with the dedication of the company to become a zero-waste store, we decided to feature them here.

We trust that you'll find your next favorite bedding product from the list we've researched for you below. All of these products have been hand-picked by our editors and we won't recommend something we wouldn't use in our own family. Some may even be items that we already use! We may receive a small compensation if you decide to buy something (that's how we keep the lights on). Some reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Have fun sourcing your next fav product!

Why Choose Organic Bedding for Better Sleep

Women sleeping on her side with a wool side sleeper pillow from Sleep and Beyond
Did you know wool pillows are great for side sleepers? READ MORE HERE!

If you're looking for better sleep, let me tell you why choosing organic bedding is the way to go. First off, organic bedding is made from natural materials like organic cotton and wool, which means they are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. This is great news for your health, as it reduces the risk of allergies, skin irritations, and respiratory issues.

Organic bedding also tends to be more breathable and moisture-wicking, creating a comfortable sleep environment. It helps regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. Say goodbye to sweaty nights and hello to uninterrupted slumber!

Another perk of organic bedding is its durability. The use of high-quality, organic materials ensures that your sheets, comforters, and pillows will stand the test of time. You won't have to worry about replacing them frequently, saving you both money and resources in the long run.

But it doesn't stop there! By choosing organic bedding, you're also making a positive impact on the environment. Organic farming practices promote biodiversity, reduce water consumption, and minimize the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. It's a small step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving our planet for future generations.

So, if you're after a good night's sleep while being mindful of your health and the environment, organic bedding is the way to go. Treat yourself to the comfort, peace of mind, and sustainability that organic bedding brings. Trust me, once you experience the difference, you won't look back!

Sleep and Beyond's Premium Organic Bedding

Stay Cozy with Organic Wool Comforters - myMerino Comforter  and myComforter (made with Shropshire Wool)

Experience ultimate comfort and warmth with Sleep and Beyond's organic wool comforters. Made from ethically sourced wool, these cozy comforters provide natural insulation and breathability. Enjoy a restful sleep while knowing that your comforter is sustainable and free from harmful chemicals.

The myMerino Comforter comes in a light weight style as well, if you are someone who feels the weight of your comforter is too heavy.  Try myMerino Comforter Light!

The myComforter is an all-season organic comforter made with Shropshire Wool. You can read more about this amazingly organic wood in our full article Get Year-Round Comfort With an All-Season Organic Wool Comforter from Sleep And Beyond

Get Year-Round Comfort With an All-Season Organic Comforter
Upgrade your sleep with the myComforter. Made with organic wool and cotton, it offers a chemical-free and hypoallergenic sleep environment.

Sleep Soundly with Natural Latex Pillows myLatex Pillow

myLatex Pillow by Sleep and Beyond stuffed with natural latex and wool
myLatex Pillow by Sleep and Beyond

Say goodbye to restless nights and embrace the comfort of Sleep and Beyond's myLatex natural latex pillows. Crafted from 100% natural latex, these pillows offer optimal support and superior breathability. They are stuffed with natural latex and wool. Rest assured knowing that your sleep is not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly.

Alternatively you may be a side sleeper and you may prefer the Side Sleeper Pillow stuffed with organic wool.  Read more about why wool pillows are best for side sleepers.

Why Wool Pillows Are the Best Choice for Side Sleepers
Discover why wool pillows are a good choice for side sleepers. Know the benefits of MyDual Side Pillow, and learn more about pillows in general. #WoolPillows #SideSleepers #SweetDreams

Snuggle Up in Organic Cotton Sheets

Percale Cotton Sheets by Sleep and Beyond
Percale Cotton Sheets by Sleep and Beyond | Read our FavReview Feature Here!

Indulge in the luxurious softness of Sleep and Beyond's organic percale cotton sheets. Made from premium organic cotton, these sheets are gentle on your skin and the planet. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and sustainability as you drift off to sleep wrapped in the purest natural fibers.

Editors Note: You will learn from our feature article about these luxurious percale sheets, that we consider ourselves 'sheet snobs' in our family.  At a young age I introduced percale cotton sheets to our two daughters.  Now they too, are professing to be 'sheet snobs'.   But it is so worth a good nights sleep.  We spend so much of our lives in bed, you deserve to feel comforted and in luxury as you drift off to sleep.  Read more and enjoy! ⤵️

Sleep and Beyond’s Earth-Friendly Organic Percale Sheets
Discover this awesome organic sheet set from Sleep and Beyond, made with certified organic cotton. Experience luxury and eco-friendly goodness!

Protect The Planet with Eco-Friendly Duvet Covers

Organic Cotton Percale Duvet Set by Sleep and Beyond
Organic Cotton Percale Duvet Cover

Enhance the look of your bedroom while protecting the planet with Sleep and Beyond's eco-friendly duvet covers. Crafted from sustainable materials and designed with style in mind, these duvet covers add a touch of elegance to your sleep sanctuary. Rest easy knowing that you're making a conscious choice for the environment.

They offer two different duvet covers, both organic.  The first is 100% Organic Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Set (as shown in image) and the other a slightly silkier feeling Organic Cotton Sateen Duvet Cover Set.

Upgrade Your Mattress with Organic Wool Toppers

Merino Wool Mattress Topper by Sleep and Beyond
Read our full article on Merino Wool Mattress Topper by Sleep and Beyond

Elevate your sleep experience with Sleep and Beyond's organic wool toppers. These luxurious mattress toppers provide an extra layer of cushioning and support, enhancing the comfort and longevity of your mattress.

Made from ethically sourced wool, either Merino Wool, or Shropshire Wood, they offer a sustainable solution for a restful night's sleep.

Sleep and Beyond is An Environmental Steward | Little to No Manufacturing waste

Sleep and Beyond is not only a bedding company but also a shining example of a zero-waste store that prioritizes sustainability and reducing environmental impact. With a passionate commitment to their zero waste philosophy, they go above and beyond to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and production waste, striving to be a true zero waste store.

At Sleep and Beyond, sustainability is at the forefront of everything they do. They take great care in utilizing natural resources efficiently while ensuring that their bedding products are completely free from toxic chemicals. By maximizing the use of every leftover raw material from their production process, they minimize waste and reduce their carbon footprint.

It is our ongoing quest to continue reducing our foot prints on our Planet and increasing our Higher Consciousness and Universal Spirit awareness through our daily actions.
Sardor and Sarvar, Sleep & Beyond Co-Founders

One of the ways Sleep and Beyond stands out as a zero-waste store is through their ingenious repurposing of excess fabric rolls into durable packaging solutions. By doing so, they significantly reduce the need for conventional polypropylene tape and actively work towards a zero-waste packaging system.

They also transform unused raw materials into new samples and innovative product ideas, fostering creativity while minimizing production waste.

Sleep and Beyond understands the importance of recycling and provides clear recycling numbers on their packaging to guide customers toward responsible disposal. By using non-toxic and eco-friendly printing techniques, they ensure that no harmful substances are present in their final products, guaranteeing customer safety and environmental integrity.

Packaging plays a crucial role in Sleep and Beyond's zero-waste philosophy. Their myMerino and organic cotton collection products are thoughtfully packaged in reusable 100% natural and organic cotton bags, reducing the need for single-use packaging.

They also embrace eco-friendly alternatives like PEVA packaging for their bedding products, further demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

With their dedication to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and production waste, and creating a truly zero-waste store, Sleep and Beyond sets an inspiring example for the bedding industry and beyond.

By choosing their products, customers can sleep soundly knowing they are supporting a company that prioritizes the well-being of the planet and a more sustainable future.

Is a Zero Waste Lifestyle Worth It?  

Before we go any further, you may be asking yourself, "is a zero waste lifestyle really worth it?"

Yes! A zero waste lifestyle is worth it for several reasons, both on a personal and global level. Here are some key benefits of adopting a zero waste lifestyle:

Environmental impact: By reducing waste, you actively contribute to the conservation of resources, reduction of pollution, and protection of ecosystems and wildlife.

Cost savings: A zero waste lifestyle often involves buying fewer items, focusing on quality over quantity, and reusing or repurposing items, which can save money in the long run.

Health benefits: Zero waste living encourages the use of natural, non-toxic products that are better for your health and well-being.  Companies like Sleep & Beyond practicing a zero waste philosophy can provide even greater health benefits to you with a better nights sleep.

Mindful consumption: Embracing a zero waste lifestyle leads to more conscious choices about what you buy, consume, and discard, promoting a more intentional and fulfilling way of living.

Community engagement: Zero waste living often fosters connections with like-minded individuals and local businesses, helping to build a supportive and environmentally-conscious community.

While it may require some effort and several adjustments, a zero waste lifestyle can lead to significant benefits for both individuals and the planet.

Ultimately, the worth of a zero waste lifestyle depends on your personal values, priorities, and commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

In the case of bedding, as you're learning from Sleep & Beyond you may also benefit from a better nights sleep!

Join Their Cause: How to Recycle Sleep And Beyond Bedding Products

Recycling Sleep and Beyond bedding products is like recycling any other bedding product.

That said follow these steps:

  1. Check local recycling guidelines: Start by checking the recycling guidelines in your area. Recycling programs can vary, so find out what types of materials are accepted and how they should be sorted.
  2. Separate components: Disassemble the bedding products, separating different components. For example, separate the wool comforter or mattress topper from the cotton cover or latex pillows.
  3. Check material labels: Look for labels or tags on the bedding products that indicate the materials used. These labels can guide the recyclability of specific components.
  4. Contact local recycling facilities: Reach out to local recycling facilities to inquire about the acceptance of bedding materials such as wool, cotton, or latex. Some facilities may accept these materials, while others may have specific requirements or limitations.
  5. Repurpose or donate: If recycling options are limited or unavailable, consider repurposing the bedding products for other uses. For instance, old wool comforters or mattress toppers can be cut up and used as insulation for other projects. Alternatively, consider donating gently used bedding items to local shelters, charities, or organizations in need.
  6. Upcycle or compost: Get creative and explore upcycling possibilities for the materials. For instance, cotton covers can be transformed into reusable bags or rags. If the bedding products are made from natural materials and beyond their usable life, consider composting them if appropriate in your area.

Remember, recycling options can vary by location, so it's essential to research and reach out to local recycling facilities or waste management authorities for accurate information on how to properly recycle Sleep and Beyond bedding products.

Their Recycling Program: Making A Difference for The Planet Why Recycling Is Essential In The Bedding Industry

In today's world, it is more important than ever to prioritize recycling in the bedding industry. Recycling plays a vital role in environmental conservation by helping to conserve natural resources and reduce the need for raw materials extraction.

The production of bedding materials such as cotton, wool, and latex requires significant resources and energy. By recycling bedding products, we can minimize the demand for new materials, conserve water, reduce energy consumption, and protect the delicate ecosystems affected by resource extraction.

Another compelling reason to embrace recycling in the bedding industry is waste reduction. The industry generates a substantial amount of waste, including discarded mattresses, pillows, and bedding accessories.

Unfortunately, these items often find their way into landfills, contributing to environmental pollution and occupying valuable space. However, recycling provides us with a solution by diverting these materials from landfills and transforming them into useful resources.

By reducing waste through recycling, we can greatly minimize the environmental impact of the bedding industry and promote a more sustainable approach to production and consumption.

Recycling bedding products also makes a significant contribution to energy savings and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The manufacturing process of bedding materials involves energy-intensive activities such as harvesting, processing, and transportation. By recycling materials like cotton, wool, and latex, we can decrease the energy requirements associated with producing new materials.

Additionally, recycling eliminates the need for incineration or landfilling, both of which can release harmful gases into the atmosphere. By actively recycling in the bedding industry, we can play our part in conserving energy and reducing emissions, thus mitigating the negative effects of climate change.

Furthermore, embracing recycling in the bedding industry aligns with the principles of a circular economy. Unlike the traditional "take-make-dispose" linear model, a circular economy aims to keep materials in use for as long as possible. Recycling allows bedding materials to be repurposed, reused, or transformed into new products, extending their lifespan and reducing the need for constant production.

By promoting a circular economy through recycling, we create a sustainable system that minimizes waste, conserves resources, and fosters a more efficient and environmentally friendly industry.

Recognizing the importance of recycling in the bedding industry is a crucial step toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. It not only benefits the environment but also encourages responsible consumption and production practices.

And by actively participating in recycling efforts, we contribute to a healthier planet for ourselves and future generations. So let's make recycling a priority in the bedding industry and work together to create a better world for all.

Other Sustainable Companies With Minimal or Zero Manufacturing Waste

Sleep and Beyond MyPillow

Sleep and Beyond is not the only zero-waste company. These companies try to reduce their solid waste and/or offer ways for their patrons to easily become more eco-conscious.

Some of the things that zero-waste companies do to decrease waste production are: providing zero-waste kits, making their plastic packaging reusable and recyclable, sourcing from companies that have a zero-waste approach, and bottle-to-bottle recycling.

  1. EcoVessel
    EcoVessel is a small company specializing in sustainable drinkware. No more disposable coffee cups and the likes! They prioritize waste reduction by using recycled materials and employing efficient manufacturing processes. By minimizing waste and recycling any generated waste, they ensure that their production has a minimal environmental impact.  You can check out the EcoVessel Store on Amazon!
  2. EarthHero
    EarthHero is an online marketplace that curates eco-friendly products from various small companies. They are committed to zero waste and carefully select their suppliers based on their waste reduction practices. EarthHero encourages its partner companies to implement sustainable manufacturing processes and reduce packaging waste.
  3. Plaine Products
    Plaine Products offers personal care products such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in refillable containers. They have a closed-loop system where customers can return their empty bottles to be cleaned, refilled, and reused. By eliminating single-use plastic waste, Plaine Products demonstrates a strong commitment to zero manufacturing waste.  You can find Plaine Products on Amazon!
  4. For Days
    For Days is a clothing company that focuses on circular fashion. They operate on a membership-based model where customers can return their worn clothing to be recycled or upcycled into new garments. By closing the loop and preventing textile waste, For Days achieves zero-waste manufacturing.
  5. Bees Wrap
    Bees Wrap produces reusable beeswax food wraps as an alternative to single-use plastic wrap. They meticulously manage their manufacturing processes to minimize waste and use biodegradable materials. Bees Wrap's commitment to sustainability extends beyond its products, demonstrating its dedication to zero manufacturing waste.  Visit the Bees Wrap Store on Amazon!
  6. Terracycle
    TerraCycle is a company that specializes in recycling hard-to-recycle materials. They partner with various brands and organizations to develop innovative recycling solutions. Through their programs, TerraCycle helps small companies achieve zero waste manufacturing by finding recycling solutions for their specific waste streams.
  7. Tiny Yellow Bungalow
    Tiny Yellow Bungalow is an online store that offers zero waste and plastic-free products. They carefully select suppliers who prioritize waste reduction and ethical manufacturing practices. By supporting small companies with zero-waste initiatives, Tiny Yellow Bungalow promotes sustainability and encourages others to adopt similar practices.

These small companies exemplify the power of innovation and determination in achieving zero manufacturing waste. Despite their size, they have shown that it is possible to prioritize sustainability and make a significant impact. Through their commitment to waste reduction, they inspire others to rethink traditional manufacturing practices and strive for a zero-waste future.

FAQS About Zero Waste Companies

Welcome to the FAQs section of our article on Zero Waste Companies! Here, we'll address some of the most common questions and concerns that people have when it comes to these environmentally conscious organizations. As the world becomes more aware of the impact that waste has on our planet, an increasing number of companies are stepping up to implement zero waste strategies in their operations. In this section, we'll explore the concept of zero waste, discuss the benefits and challenges faced by these companies, and provide insight into how they're making a positive difference for our environment.

What Are the Principles of Zero Waste?

The principles of Zero Waste include refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and rot. These rules guide individuals and businesses to minimize waste generation and strive for a circular economy.

What Is Meant by Zero Waste?

Zero Waste refers to a philosophy and approach that aims to eliminate or minimize waste generation by reevaluating production, consumption, and disposal practices. It focuses on waste prevention, resource conservation, and sustainable materials management.

Is Zero Waste Practical?

While achieving absolute Zero Waste may be challenging, striving for Zero Waste is practical and beneficial. It involves making conscious choices, implementing sustainable practices, and prioritizing waste reduction efforts at individual, community, and organizational levels.

What Is the Secret To Zero Waste?

The key to Zero Waste lies in adopting a holistic and mindful approach toward resource management. It involves embracing the principles of reducing, reusing, recycling, and finding innovative ways to eliminate waste at every stage of production and consumption.

How Do You Know If a Shop Is Eco-Friendly?

An eco-friendly shop can be identified by several factors, including its commitment to sustainable practices, use of environmentally friendly materials, support for local and ethically sourced products, waste reduction efforts, and engagement in eco-certifications or labeling schemes.

Is buying zero waste cheaper?

Buying zero waste can be both cheaper and more expensive, depending on the products and the choices you make. In many cases, zero waste products may have a higher upfront cost, but they tend to last longer, reducing overall expenses in the long run. Additionally, adopting a zero waste lifestyle often encourages mindful consumption, which can lead to purchasing fewer items and generating less waste. By focusing on quality over quantity and reusing or repurposing items, you can save money while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Does Zero Waste Actually Help?

Yes, Zero Waste practices have numerous benefits for the environment, communities, and individuals. They help conserve resources, reduce pollution, decrease landfill waste, promote sustainable consumption, and foster a more circular economy, leading to a more sustainable and resilient future.

Is a zero waste lifestyle worth it?

Oh, the wonders of a zero waste lifestyle! Is it worth it, you ask? Well, let's take a joyful jaunt through the marvelous benefits that await you. Picture a world where you're not only saving the environment but also your wallet, as you embrace mindful consumption and visit your favorite zero waste store. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to eco-friendly, high-quality products that are kinder to both you and our beloved planet. With a zero waste lifestyle, you'll join a vibrant community of green enthusiasts, all working towards a sustainable future filled with laughter and reusable tote bags. So, is it worth it? Absolutely! Dive into the zero waste adventure, and let the good times roll! 

Sleep and Beyond is to be Commended - Becoming a Zero Waste Store is No Easy Feat

The time has come for each of us to take responsibility for our planet and join the zero-waste revolution. As you've seen, Sleep and Beyond is leading the charge in their industry making sustainable, eco-friendly choices accessible and appealing.

When shopping for bedding products, remember that every decision we make has an impact on our environment. So why not make the switch to greener alternatives and contribute to a healthier planet?

Head over to Sleep and Beyond today and experience their high-quality, earth-friendly products firsthand. By taking this small step, you'll join a growing community of individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on our world.

Together, we can create a more sustainable future – one dream at a time.

Happy Sleeping!

Your FAV Reviews Team

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