Yeti Hopper 18 Cooler Review: Ultimate Guide for Family Adventures

Discover the YETI Hopper Flip 18, the rugged, leakproof fortress for your cold drinks. Its superior insulation keeps ice for days, perfect for any adventure!

Deborah Clarke
Dec 16, 2023
14 min read
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YETI HOPPER FLIP 18 Cooler black on black

Discover why the Yeti Hopper Flip 18 is the ultimate cooler for every family outing. From beach escapades to sports tournaments, or family day trip, this cooler promises durability, exceptional ice retention, and ease of use.

Our in-depth review explores the features that make the Yeti Hopper 18 a global family favorite and a must-have for your outdoor gear collection.

Why It's One of Our FAVs:

  • Exceptional Ice Retention: Keeps contents ice-cold for days.
  • Unmatched Durability: High-density fabric and leak-proof design.
  • Convenient Portability: Easy to carry with a detachable shoulder strap.
  • Ample Capacity: Ideal for family outings, easily holds drinks, lunch and snacks for the day. Keeps everything fresh and cold.
  • Convenient Size: Fits between the seats for the kids in most SUVs.
  • Stylish Design: Modern aesthetics with functional accessory attachments.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean and care for after use.

How Our Family Came To Choose the YETI Hopper Flip 18

Ordinary soft coolers can get tired looking pretty fast. If you're like our family, you've had a favorite cooler that has travelled with you for years.

YETI HOPPER FLIP 18 Soft Cooler and YETI Rambler with Straw
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We have two daughters, both married with busy kids who are involved in different sports throughout the year. That means, lots of packing for road-trips! Some road trips are day trips, some are tournament weekends in hotels and some are summer long weekend camping trips.

When researching the best YETI cooler for a family of four we found one cooler was always coming out on top ... the YETI Tundra 45 Hard Cooler. While it's YETI's most popular cooler for a overnight camping trips with a family of four, it's bigger and takes up more space than our kids were looking for. Don't get us wrong, it's a great hard sided cooler, it's just that our kids were looking more for a reliable soft sided cooler they could fit inside the truck or SUV with the kids.

Black on Black YETI Hopper Flip 18 Cooler and white YETI Rambler with Straw 1L

That's where the YETI Hopper Flip 18 came in. It's a reasonable size cooler, and more substantial in quality than most soft-sided coolers. With superior insulation, a couple cold ones, plus a day's worth of lunch and snacks fit perfectly for longer expeditions and road trips with the kids.

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FAV Features

YETI Hopper Flip 18 cooler soft sided sturdy cooler

Unmatched Durability: Built to Last Longer Than Ordinary Soft Coolers

The Yeti Hopper 18's high-density fabric withstands punctures and UV rays, while the HydroLok™ Zipper and DryHide™ Shell offer leak-proof protection. Its robust construction ensures it can handle the toughest outdoor conditions, backed by Yeti's renowned quality. This cooler has proven its resilience in real-world scenarios, making it a reliable choice for family adventures.

Ice Retention: Superior Insulation Keeps Drinks Cold as the Mountains

With Closed-Cell Foam Insulation, the Yeti Hopper 18 outperforms competitors in ice retention, keeping refreshments chilled for extended periods. Families report ice staying frozen after a full weekend, a testament to its superior performance and a reason for its popularity.

Portability: Take It Anywhere, Anytime with A Couple Cold Ones

The Yeti Hopper 18 is designed for effortless transport, featuring a tapered body, detachable shoulder strap, and sturdy handles. Its compact size fits easily in cars and SUVs, making it the perfect travel companion for any family destination.

Capacity: Perfect for Family Outings

Balancing compactness and spaciousness, the Yeti Hopper Flip 18 holds all the essentials for family trips. Its wide-mouth opening ensures easy packing and access, enhancing its user-friendly nature.

YETI Hopper Flip 18 has wide opening for easy packing

Design and Aesthetics: Stylish Yet Functional

Available in various colors, the Yeti Hopper 18 offers a sleek look with practical features like the HitchPoint™ Grid for accessory attachments. Its aesthetic and functional design makes it a versatile and stylish addition to any family outing.

YETI HitchPoint™ Grid to easily attach accessories

Maintenance: Easy to Clean and Care For

The cooler's interior is lined with FDA-approved food-grade material, making it easy to wipe clean. The zipper's lubrication and the exterior's simple cleaning requirements contribute to its low-maintenance appeal.

Mastering the Art of Packing the Superior Cold Holding YETI Hopper 18 for Family Adventures

Embarking on a road trip with the kids or gearing up for an all-day sports extravaganza?

Whether it's the crack of the bat at a baseball game or the clash of hockey sticks on ice, one thing's for sure: hydration and nourishing food are the secret ingredients to your family's peak performance.

Here's a creative spin on how we pack our YETI Hopper 18 to fuel those memorable moments.

The Ultimate Packing Strategy for Your YETI Hopper 18

How do you pack a YETI Hopper 18?

If you're packing a YETI Hopper Flip 18 you're likely prepping for an epic day out. You want to keep things cold, organized, and ready for whatever adventure throws at you.

Here's the lowdown on packing it like a pro:

Pre-Chill the Cooler: Give your Hopper Flip 18 a head start by tossing in a YETI Ice pack or two before you load it up. This gets the interior nice and frosty.

Layer Up: Start with a base layer of ice packs at the bottom. YETI Ice is perfect because it's durable and shaped to optimize cooling.

Pack Smart: Place items you'll need first on top, so you're not digging around and letting the cold out. Use a YETI divider to keep the dry goods and easy to access snacks separate! Keep the weight balanced, so it's easy to carry.

Fill 'er Up: Maximize the chill factor by filling any empty spaces with more ice packs or ice cubes. This helps maintain a cold temp for longer. Throw in a YETI Ice Scoop if you'll be using the ice cubes. (You'll thank us later)

Seal the Deal: Zip it up tight! The Hopper Flip 18 has a leakproof HydroLok Zipper that keeps the cold in and the heat out. The YETI Hopper ships with a zipper lubricant, because that zip is tight!

Essential Accessories and Their Ingenious Uses

Now, let's talk accessories that'll make your Hopper Flip 18 the envy of every outing:

YETI Thin Ice Packs: These reusable ice substitutes are designed to freeze faster, they're thin so they take up less space and they last longer than regular ice. YETI Hopper Flip 18 is perfect for 20 cans of your favorite drink (using the 2:1 ice-to-can ratio). It only weighs 5.1 lbs and measures 10.8" x 13" x 16.5".  Note: Image is YETI Hopper Flip 12 which holds 13 cans.

YETI Thin ICE PACKS for the YETI Hopper Flip Coolers | Image is Yeti Hopper Flip 12 size

SideKick Dry: This gear case is the ultimate side hustle for your Hopper. It's waterproof, and it attaches to the cooler, giving you a safe spot for your keys, wallet, and phone.

Dry bag accessory for your Yeti Soft sided cooler

MOLLE Zinger & Bottle Opener: Attach this to your Hopper's HitchPoint Grid and you'll never be without a bottle opener. Plus, the retractable cord means you won't lose it in the depths of the cooler.

MOLLE Bottle Opener: If you're all about that minimalist life, this low-profile opener attaches directly to the HitchPoint Grid, so it's there when you need it and out of the way when you don't.

Bottle opener to attach to your YETI Hopper Soft Sided Cooler

Beverage Organizers: Assign each family member a color-coded section for their drinks to avoid mix-ups.

Food Containers: Opt for stackable, leak-proof containers to maximize space and keep meals fresh.

Airtight waterproof food containers for packing a cooler

Divider: Use a YETI Hopper compatible divider to separate snacks from meals, ensuring easy access and organization.

Remember, how you pack your Hopper for different occasions using some of these nifty accessories, is all about making life easier and more fun, right?

Summary: The YETI Hopper 18 - Your Family's Memory-Making Sidekick

YETI Hopper Flip 18 "Built for the Wild" with YETI Rambler with Straw

The YETI Hopper 18 isn't just a cooler; it's a treasure chest for family escapades. Its robust build withstands the rigors of any journey, while its superior cold-holding capability ensures your refreshments stay chilled.

The YETI Hopper Flip 18 will hold 20 cans of your favorite drink (using the 2:1 ice-to-can ratio). Or a combination of food, snacks and beverages. It weighs 5.1 lbs and measures 10.8" x 13" x 16.5".

We like that it fits between the bucket seats in a SUV, making it perfect for family road trips.

The fusion of portability, ample space, sleek design, and hassle-free upkeep makes it the ultimate companion for families on the move.

With the YETI Hopper 18 in tow, you're not just prepared for the day's events; you're crafting an epic saga of family adventures.

FAQs about YETI Hopper 18

Embark on your next family quest with the YETI Hopper 18, and watch as it transforms from a simple cooler to the heart of your family's outdoor experiences.

unboxing a YETI Hopper Flip 18

What is a Hopper Flip 18?

Oh, the Hopper Flip 18 is like the Swiss Army knife of portable coolers, brought to you by the cool cats over at YETI. It's a tough-as-nails, soft-sided cooler that's ready to take on the wild or just chill at your backyard BBQ. With its waterproof exterior and superior insulation powers, this little beast keeps your drinks icy cold and your picnic snacks as fresh as a daisy, even when the sun is throwing a tantrum. It's got a capacity that's just right for a day trip or a serious tailgate session – roomy enough for 18 cans with a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio, or if you're more of a meal-on-the-go type, plenty of space for all the munchies.

How do you pack a YETI Hopper 18?

Maximize your outdoor experience with the ultimate guide to packing a YETI Hopper Flip 18 cooler. Ensure your refreshments stay icy cold and your gear remains organized for any adventure. Follow these expert tips for efficient cooler packing:

Pre-Chill Your Cooler: Jumpstart your cooling process by placing a YETI Ice pack or two inside your Hopper Flip 18. This pre-chilling step is crucial for achieving an optimal cold environment.

Strategic Layering: Begin with a solid foundation of ice packs at the bottom. Opt for YETI Ice, which is engineered for durability and designed to enhance cooling efficiency.

Intelligent Packing: Organize your items by placing the ones you'll need first at the top. This minimizes the time the cooler is open, preserving the cold. Balance the weight for easy transportation.

Eliminate Empty Spaces: Fill any gaps with additional ice packs or ice cubes to prolong the cold temperature within your cooler.

Secure Closure: Utilize the Hopper Flip 18's leakproof HydroLok Zipper to lock in the cold and block out the heat, ensuring your items stay chilled. Oh ya, remember to apply the HydroLok Zipper lubricant, that ships with your YETI Hopper 18, ahead of time to loosen up the zipper.

What Accessories Should I Get for the YETI Hopper 18?

YETI Thin Ice Packs: Swap out traditional ice with these long-lasting, fast-freezing ice substitutes. They are thin so they will take up less space inside your YETI Hopper Flip 18.

YETI Thin Ice Packs

SideKick Dry: Keep your valuables dry and secure with this waterproof gear case that conveniently attaches to your cooler.

MOLLE Zinger & Bottle Opener: Never misplace your bottle opener again with this retractable tool that connects to the cooler's HitchPoint Grid.

MOLLE Bottle Opener: For those who prefer simplicity, this minimalist bottle opener affixes directly to the HitchPoint Grid, offering accessibility without the clutter.

By using these accessories, your YETI Hopper Flip 18 will be the centerpiece of every outdoor gathering.

How long can the Yeti Hopper 18 keep ice frozen?

The Yeti Hopper 18 boasts remarkable ice retention, often preserving ice for several days under various conditions.

Is the Yeti Hopper 18 waterproof?

Yes, with its waterproof DryHide™ Shell and HydroLok™ Zipper, the Yeti Hopper 18 is leakproof and adventure-ready. Yeti Hopper Flip even includes a zipper lube to help loosen up the waterproof zipper.

The Waterproof YETI HOPPER FLIP 18 in black on black

Can the Yeti Hopper 18 be carried on an airplane?

The Yeti Hopper 18's compact design is generally suitable for travel, but always check with your airline for carry-on size restrictions.

YETI HOPPER FLIP 18 for Family Adventures

Optimize your outdoor experiences with the Yeti Hopper 18 – the cooler that keeps up with your family's adventurous spirit.

Happy Adventures!

Your FavReviews Team

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